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I put a new fuel pump in it and a new fuel filter and it still won't run what else could it be
I have a 2004 grand am the car was working fine. I went to start the car and it won't turn to start like it's locked. I tried turning the wheel but it isn't locked.
I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT and while i was driving on highway my whole entire car died, like had no power steering or brakes so i coasted it off highway and was able 2 get it pulled home. Found out my serpentine belt was all frayed and ripped apart so replaced the belt and now my car wont start at all. It will crank but not turn over. So left it for like a week and now when i go and try to start it all it does is click...Plz help

leaking anit freeze from the timing chain cover
It drinks gas it sometimes turns off when you make right turns and we have replaced a lot of parts and tested many others now the gas hand doesn't work now
After its gets going its fine only at take off
I had a new catalytic converter put on & a couple weeks later its LOUD. Found he only put one bolt in to mount converter to engine. Need bolt size to buy to repair properly. Autozone has 6 "universal" kits. Don't know what to do.
My lights are power windows are working and radio...upon trying to start will not make a sound! What could be wrong?
Pontiac Grand Prix
Timing belt came off. Wondering if I should expect major engine damage.
diagnostic codes PO303 andPO420
I've replaced the blower motor and the resistor, the blower motor still did not come on. can you help please....
Bought new 2001,fuel problems, sun roof fuses have to keep replacing.
Are their recalls for these.?
Had gas, fuel pump problems since I owned the car. Bought brand new 2001.
I just wanted to know if i buy this car with 101,600 how soon will it be before i have to buy another vehicle?
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