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And it is making my trans slip really bad

Slow down to turn quits sits for a few minutes starts back

they have not come back on. Ihave blinker lights all controls on level lights are working on dash. nothing to light up on mph, rpm, or fuel

Is front wheel drive different?

I was just checking my oil and water and I thought I might need a little more antifreeze so I added a little bit more now I have no heat automobile is not running hot this happen back in the summer with air overfill and had no air is there a place where I can drain off the excess antifreeze

Cranks over like it wants to start but the more I hold the key the more the battery dies and it still won't start it started doing this 2 days ago I've had to hold the key longer to get it to start and now it still cranks but doesn't start just drains the battery more

Already changed the wheel hub

maybe my upper control arm and trailing arms are going bad.

Well i buy a tachometer and i dont know where i have to connect the principal wire. The wire that say me the rpm. I connect the others wires but i dont know where i have to connect that one. Help!!

The temp readout gauge works intermittently. When no reading appears, I show the same codes. Unfortunately when I have no reading and it appears as ---F, my A/C compressor will not function either. It's very hot in Phoenix. What else can I check? I am desperate.

What would it cost to fix?

Can the air compressor make the car not start?

How difficult is it to change the fuel filter?

Just changed axle and now the car doesn't move and grinds going in park

There's no gauge to tell me if it's low or high pressure. But i think it's the sensor that's messed up so its giving me false answers

Car is not running hot at all idle is a little rough and sounds like I have like an air rumbling sound coming from my engine

I've replaced the bulb twice so I know it isn't that, the diagrams for both fuse boxes don't identify which fuse is for the turn signal or blinkers. The bulb actually won't turn on at all so I'm guessing it's a blown fuse, just need help identifying where the fuse is located on either fuse box

one by one my power window's are failing. I replaced the driver side only. now the passenger window, which is not working keeps falling down as if nothing is holding it up and i would like to take the panel off to at least keep it up but i am concerned i wont be able to get it back on. any info is greatly needed.

The service engine light still works along with the signal light indicators and all the cluster lights. I just had the whole cluster rebuilt and the pcm is sending the signal because it reads rpm, temp, fuel, and wheel speed on obd2

When not startING door locks are locking & unlockING .high beam indicator starts to flash on & off .you can jump. start. the vehicle.

When I disconnect and reconnect battery check eng. light goes off....can I do this to pass smog ???

Heater coil also replaced, radiator flushed radiator seems to be getting Airbound.

I replaced the thermostat because the car was blowing out cold air. Still blowing cold air, and trying to overheat.

Po 300 mostly on 3 & 6 have had po303 but no po306

It just stopped working. I can open it manually.

Transmission will not shift into second third or drive

I have replaced the water pump but cannot find the location of the thermostat to replace it too.

doing a oil pan gaskit got all the way to where i need to pull the oil pan off but the transmishon in my way and the pan wont drop down

My light on cruise control doesn't work .it won't go into cruise control.

What does it mean when I put my car in gear and I push the gas pedal on my gas pedal does nothing and my reduced engine power light keeps coming on