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Checked the fans with fuse wire both ran connected to the battery. Replaced temputure sensor and 3 relays. Temputure is at 245 degrees not turning on please help what did I forget?
i flared the lined then conncted them with a union and fitting but there leaking any answers?
have oil in my radiator , but the engine oil is clean. does not over heat, engine in not missing, runs fine but need to put water in the radiator every day. no visible water leaks. no smoke out the exhaust. anyone have a clue? has automatic trans and Radiator IS equipped with an internal transmission fluid cooler
Does 2003 pontiac sunfire have a timing chain or belt?
the tape player still makes ejecting noise but the tape is out and idk how to switch it back to radio I've tried everything it's a 89 Pontiac Bonneville
My car started shaking when driving and not want to accelerate a few months ago. It felt like the whole front end was falling out from under the car. It would drive fine one day and then the next you couldn't drive it without breaking you teeth from the shaking. Now when you put the car in drive it does not move unless you give it gas. We have replaced the axle, hub assembly, and caliper on the passenger side. After caliper replacement, we drove the car and when we returned because it was still shaking the brakes were smoking and hot. The brake pads aren't new, but still have a lot of pad on them. When one side of the car is jacked up the tire will not rotate. Does anyone know what else could be the problem?
It is just when im driving down it has a loud roar in the front part of my van
my dashboard keeps saying it,it just came on a couple of days ago and i just had my tires checked.
At first it was just slipping and I turned the corner and it acted like it didn't want to turn. Then it wouldn't change gears at all. I tried manipulating the levers and that wouldn't work it feels as if the shifter has no response.

I have a 99 Pontiac Bonneville I changed the passenger side cv axel because the car stoped pulling and is makeing a sound that sounds like Metal bouncing around I done research everything I found pointed at it I put the new one in and it is doing the same thing you can fill it go into each gear reverse overdrive drive but dose not pull when given gas??? Please help
It may go a few days and be fine, then do the same thing again, picked the car up yesterday after they installed new computer, it worked fine coming home. Started it up today, it started again and will not start now.
The “x1000 RPM” is reaching up to 3 when driving. Is this normal or should I be concern? I brought it from an auction in August. The odometer was already at 208,000. My next oil check is 11/17
check engine light on
It happens every day I've tried sea foam fuel injector cleaners
sounds like wants to turn over but no other noises
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