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I disconnected the original ignition Titus in the steering column and plugged in my new lock with key van security light is still on please help
My car turns over but will not start wants to but doesn't
Could be the super charger could be a rod knocking .
A recall for the brake cable had been completed well, about a year ago, since then I have noticed a front end rattle..kind of sounds as if you had a screw with a washer ....but the connection is loose so it rattles....something like that..i cannot figure out where the hell it's coming from...I just a few days ago had a complete full service brake it isn't in the brakes.......i'm so annoyed with the consistent sound...
For a 2002 Pontiac Grand am GT 6 cylinder
We charged the battery and after putting it back, it won't start due to the message about the anti theft device. Help!
I thought at first it was the radiantor fan, but I've never had a jar make that kind of noise before?
With the power and size of these things I assumed there would be a part for me to have a hitch, but there isn't. Is it possible to add one to this vehicle?
When the engine has been warmed up it doesn't have this problem (not idling, but as in already driven)
My driver side window moves very slowly when going up or down. Can the motor itself be fixed or replaced?
I'm due for changing the battery out and would like to know.
The light only comes on when I first start up, then goes off, but sometimes comes back on after I've driven for over 30 minutes.
My car shows the ABS braking light is on, but I didn't notice any change in the performance of my brakes. Could it be an electronics problem?
The dashboard indicates to service tire pressure monitor. I checked my tires and the pressure is normal (~30 psi).
Even though my brakes are working fine, it always indicates I have low braking fluid when I make turns.
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