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I have a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville and both rear windows have just dropped. I can hear the motors working and the mechanisms are still going up and down but the windows are no longer attached. Is there a simple fix to this or do I need to prepare to spend a lot of money?
Every time you drive it
When I lock my doors with my key fob the car only flashes the lights and doesn't beep. Have been looking all over the internet and car manual but haven't found anything. Please help!
Van will turn over but not firing
I have to pump my brakes and fidget with the key to get it to turn and start.
Spun a rod bearing and broke the connecting rod. Can I just replace that one rod? Or do I have to replace all 4.
Well when I open my trunk manually and press the pop trunk button I here a clicking near the fuze box in the truck. And sun roof does nothing when I push the button to open or close it not even a sound
I just had my intake manifold gaskets, intake plenum gasket, thermostat bypass pipe, radiator fluid, and thermostat all replaced. Now I am having my check engine light come on with a code of p0106. When I reset the code it comes back along with the check engine light. It runs very good and has lots off power. The only issue is that when the code first appeared it was under heavy acceleration. The car jerked very hard three times and the check engine light came on. Now after resetting the code and driving slow the check engine light and code always come back. What is wrong?
I just got this 05 GRAND prix, and the HUD is not working. I checked fuses and connections, but still does not work. Any ideas
We have replace bulbs 3 times on each side
my daughters car has check engine light and traction control keeps turning off, and display says engine power reduced. ive had codes ran and say catalyst converter. so i pulled it off and checked and cleaned it. even put it back on and left rest of exhaust off and it seemed to be fine but she says it only gets sluggish acceleration when it cold, any ideas?
When i start my car it idles rough when I'm driving it feels like it's loosing power when accelerating the car sputters and my rpm fluctuates. I changed out 2 coils. Now what would make them not spark. My top coil Sparks but the middle one and the bottom one i can't hear the spark like I did on the top one. What to try to fix my car. It's my baby and I'm not ready to give up just yet I'm not ready for it to die on me. Plz help.
High beams on on but when I pull the high beams switch to shut them off they will not go off.
Just trying to figure out what fuse to change as the booklet is not clear.
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