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It may go a few days and be fine, then do the same thing again, picked the car up yesterday after they installed new computer, it worked fine coming home. Started it up today, it started again and will not start now.
The “x1000 RPM” is reaching up to 3 when driving. Is this normal or should I be concern? I brought it from an auction in August. The odometer was already at 208,000. My next oil check is 11/17
check engine light on
It happens every day I've tried sea foam fuel injector cleaners
sounds like wants to turn over but no other noises
checked both bulbs they are good
Cost to Repair
can't find the trunklight . where is it
trunklight in a 1994 grandam .where is it
All lights came on but won’t go off
Last week while slowing down, my car jolted- as if the transmission was switching gears. I had a mechanic run a diagnostic test and it came back with code P700. The car is at a shop right now and I am not sure what to expect but would like to be prepared when they call. Please advise with some possible causes and the expense involved with correcting this issue. Thank you!
I had been driving the car for about two hours on 10/17/2017. On my way back home and turning onto my street, I start hearing this loud ticking or tapping sound. I parked the car, listen to see where it was coming from. I noticed a faint smell of rubber burning or a wire...not sure. I quickly turned the engine off got out of the car. The sound was coming from under the hood. The car has very low mileage (36,417). In July 2017, oil change, fluids checked and purchased 4 new tires, brakes are good, no squeaking, rubbing, no check engine or service messages etc., did not appear. Thanks for the help!
power windows wont work
I lost my keys
How can I get to the bolts holding the window glass in the regulator with it all the way down? Metal of door is blocking & I can't get it to budge up at all.
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