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Where is it located and how can we change it??

Service engine code P0340 - camshaft sensor. Car will start but will not continue running without keeping foot on the gas pedal.
I don't see that listed among the repairs and wondered what another name could be for this. I'd like to know if I was over-charged. I know it was an emissions code. Thanks!
The car runs good except for idle,I replaced the IAC sensor, cleaned the MAP sensor, Ineed to but didn't clean the throttle plate, seems like it is gummed up around the edges.
How to replace back lights when burnt out.
When driving, the dash lights on my 1997 grand prix GTP will randomly flash or flicker, and sometimes the ABS light will come on, and sometimes the air bag light will come on, then when I come to a full stop, my car has no power to accelerate. The petal is pushed to the floor and the RPM's shoot up, but the car barely moves. If I turn the car off for about 30 secs, it will run like nothing was wrong. If I'm not at a place where I can turn it off, the steering and braking is very hard. Sometimes this happens 4-5 times a day and sometimes not for 4-5 months. My mechanic changed the ignition switch. I've been told it is a grounding issue. It doesn't act up reliably enough to check diagnostic codes. ?This has been happening on and off for about 4-5 years. Transmission was replaced 3 years ago.
Replaced fuel pump/filter. If I spray a little gas into intake, it will start.
Replaced fuel pump/filter. If I spray a little gas into intake, it will start.
I suspect I have a bad tire rod I hear a knocking sound when turn steering is very difficult to turn especially at low speeds like turning into parking lot...I've had my PS pump replaced what could this b
Woke up this morning and my car was smoking pretty bad while driving. I just did an oil change two weeks ago and my oil all leaked out. My entire engine is covered in oil and it goes all the way down and all the way under the car. Smokes out of the rear pretty badly. My mechanic said its definitely not my head gasket, valve cover seals or drain plug. Hes 98% sure its the sending unit. Its also not a cracked heador block. Im hoping its just the sending unit but why would that cause such a massive leak? Also, if its not the sending unit, what other things can it be.
The sercurity lock light is on then try to start it and I get nothing won't crank
Over the message reads service airbag
When I reach 50 mph it will start stalling like it is going to die but when I let off the accelerator it will run right again. I have to do this about 20 mins before the stalling stops
It is a Pontiac sunfire2000 2.2L
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