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still have only cooler air blowing from vents while moving especially.
It just started leaking gas a month ago I want to know if my car is under the recall issued by GM in2004?
I had a new plenum kit installed. Bad seals and small leakage when warm caused random misfires. got that fixed. Along with oil change and radiator drained and refilled. Now i have a knocking sound that wasn't there before and some kind of small oil leak, I believe on front part of engine (from the light smoke). In the morning the oil pressure is fine. Could a bad install of the plenum cause an oil leak? Any other help would be great!
3 months ago I had the vacuum canister replaced when these lights stayed on. The same happened 1 1/2 years ago. The mechanic replaced the ECM and reset the codes. The lights came on again.
when parked after a while the car starts to beep similar to a door ajar and if left for a few days it kills the battery
steering wheel very hard to turn when first started sometimes won't turn at all, then suddenly my steering comes back with out warning ??
fuel injectors were leaking so i chaqnged them and fuel filter and added fuel treatment because car sat up for 3 months. car sometimes starts but runs badly and stalls
Exterior lights work but none of the interior gauges light up. Speedometer, fuel and so forth. We already had the fuses checked and told by mechanic that this was not the problem. Any ideas?
If I put the van in gear it clicks really bad then I put it back into park and it gets even worse, I turned off the car and relised I can push it when its in park? whats wrong?
Grand prix gtp super charged 2000 3.8 when hot loss of power then stalls for up to 60 minutes b4 i can stary
Car stalls when hot cold runs great and hot it revs unevenly 200 rpm 800 back and forth
Had someone change the intake manifold gaskets now the car is idling very high and won't shift while driving help
I bought a used 97 Pontiac sun fire and recently started having problems with it not wanting to stay running. It will start and then cuts off. After much work and back and forth to my mechanic he said it has something to do with my anti theft system. Also I don't have an original key but went to the dealer and had one made from the VIN number but it doesn't have a black resistor strip on the key. I have done the relearn 30 min process but can't do that every time I need to go somewhere. At one point the car worked for about a week and the light would stay on then back to square one with it not wanting to stay running. Should I try the bypass videos that they show on you tube???
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