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Under the hood?
I am low on gear oil and need to add gear oil
Just got this van. Decided to change all the brake pads. Noticed that only the front drivers side had fluid coming out and only that same caliper was grabbing. Could the problem be my master cylinder? I kept getting a weird vibration when I stepped on the brakes for a period if time like at a light. This may sound weird but it all seemed to start by changing the bulb in the back passenger side brake light. Spoke to the gentlemen at autozone and they told me that this van might have a bleeder box? I can't seem to find it. I don't have a lot of money to sink into this and I e already spent over $300.
when the car is cold it works fine but once it warms up it misses or hesitates when accelerating to interstate speed. I get a P0300 code when accelerating to high speeds. car hesitates and miss fires.
Is it an electrical power I can fix myself or take to a dealer?
Supercharged 3800 v6 granprix gtp
I bought this car used and all the stats that are supposed to show such as "fuel used, avg econ, oil life, and range" all flash zeros on my screen. I have tried the reset button but to no avail, it does not change. The TCS button to the right of it also does not seem to turn anything on. Any recommendations?
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