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Auto door locks won't open. How can I disable them?

Why does it sound like my lifters are tapping when car gets hot then cooling mode comes on

Every other day I have to wait for security light to go out to start car what do I do

under the blower , directional air flow and hot/ cold control? The graphics are worn off.

My a/c was working fine but all of a sudden stopped. I went and had refrigerant put in my car and it took almost the whole can.

If I turn defrost off the engine overheats even though I have plenty of antifreeze/engine coolant in the car.Also,antifreeze leaks from both sides of the radiator hose,it leaks onto the engine and the ground but there is no hole in the radiator hose.Perhaps the hose should be cut down and tightened?If the defrost is not constantly on the temp gauge goes in the red and smoke comes from under the hood.Thank you.

Im having trouble with a pushrod seat being to far down

Just coolant info

temperature is running hot..radiator and water pump have been replaced in the last leaks seen..has water..what could be causing..temp raises mostly while at a light..started a week ago..five minutes driving its hot

What is the problem when my car loses clutch pedal over a period of time??? I've bled the clutch then has pedal then loses pedal again with fluid leaking underneath Bell housing where bleeder bolt is. Is this a bad slave cylinder??

Can't find the overdrive button car is making funny noise when I stop.

put additive in, change fluid color was good.

Wont drive in fear of break-in down. They should take responsibility for problem and fix it!!

I pulled up to the gas station and shut my car off. When I was ready to go home my car wouldn't start. All the lights on the dashboard and head lights and taillights work. The lights aren't dim at all. What's wrong with my car?

I store my soltice in the winter zipped up in a car bag. I just brought it out to find it hasn't any brakes. I didn't see any signs of animals living under the car and couldn't understand how any could have gotten in when the car bag was zipped up tight. Any ideas where to begin to look? The car has only 4000 miles

2008 Grand Prix . High beams work but running lights won't come on. Fuses are good , bulbs seem good . If one bulb is bad will this cause both not to work? Or is there something else to look for?

While trying to go uphill or pass it don't respond like it should and when Cruisng the speed limit it will stamer

When I 2004 Pontiac Grand Am key will not turn all steps to try remove lock cylinder will not work. Already ordered replacement parts if key will not turn is it possible to remove in tire assembly with ignition lock cylinder still inside of ignition switch does it require to remove the wires to turn the key. I know to remove the cylinder itself you must turn the key which is why I bought the total assembly with cylinder. Have not attempted to remove.

I notice that I get less gas mileage and I have to slow down in inclement weather. My brakes feel weird, even though I have brakes.

Tries to turn over but does not crank.

A month ago my car started making vibration noise right below the driver side mainly when I sit at stoplight for a few seconds. Also lately my temperature gage rises a lot when I'm going slow or sitting in it after been driving it. Once I turn my heater on it doesn't really rise. Than a couple weeks ago when I start my car I can hear a kind of like a vibration sound by the transmission area. Ahhh plz help me with my car. Any info.

Headlight would not shut off. Battery died. Fuse box very hot. #12 fuse smoking. Replaced the fuse and the check engine light went off. Now, four days later the engine light back on. Is this part of the recall?

I had the dashboard out and the bulb or led works

It seems as though the fuel filter i's clogged?

sometimes when u crank the car and put in drive the t.c light comes on and acts real sluggish in drive but in rev. its fine.when u shut it off and crank it again it would be fine,but now it like that allthe time

trying to determine if the G6 motor will stop running if the oil gets to low, like some kind of a protective system, fail safe etc.?

car runs fine but when i press deeply on the gas peddle it chokes

i can turn the air on an you here the air trying to blow through vents but it barely comes out

Car for e fine yesterday. Got in to go to work and it pulls the theft system again. Done it once before. Put a new passcode in. Passcode.didnt work this time. Just want to not have it at all. I have remote.start, does that have a thing to do with this issue?

Had oil change done 2 months ago, notice oil on my alternator and all over the right side (passenger side) of my engine, looks like the belt is slinging it. What are the possible causes? The driver side looks great.