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transmission how much to replace new orused

When turning ignition everything comes on but won't start. Makes a sound like humming. This is the second time it has happened. Last time we tightened the terminals and it started but they are tight as can be and still nothing.

I am trying to setup my car for a question and do not know which type my engine is. what does SOHC and DOHC stand for?

no fuel at fuel rail will start on starter fluid and no fuel at rail. changed fuel pump relay and no trigger to pump.

Recently car came to a sudden stop while driving around 25 miles per hour.Would not move engine still running.Turned engine off and tried to restart but would only make a popping sound.Found out water pump froze and damaged timeing belt though it didnt completely break it was missing a few teeth and had a slit in it.Replace belt and pump now car starts ok but pops while it is running.Why is that?

my neon will die any time, usually after its already running, only once did it fail to start back up. it usually starts up, could be a couple minutes or half an hour. of course it wont do it when you want it to so cant find the problem, have check wires, fuses,timing belt,( only code that shows up says its one touth off, its not)

i was in jail for three months and in that time no one messed with my car or turned it on. well now it wont start, replaced the starter, ignition coil, battery and crankshaft sensor well it trys but it whines really bad and doesnt start. any ideas? and there is fuel getting to the fuel rail

what is the purpose of the " power hop damper "

what makes a car backfire

Ok I have a 5 speed manual trans. It has been lugging out as i shift from first gear if i push the clutch back in it fixes what is causing the lug what should i do?

car sputters when accelerating but idles ok and runs ok once get up to speed

there is a ticking noise under the fuze box under the hood and car wont start

got a smog check and failed the fault code that i dont know is p1899 anyone know? please help

where is the cheapest repair shop to get two valves fixed from when my water pump and timing belt went out

I got a p1899 fault code during my smog test. The engine fault light is on but goes out when i fill the gas tank or apply any heavy load on the car or when the gas tank is almost empty. Any suggestions on how to fix the park/neutral switch

okay im have a problem with the brakes the passenger rear tire loks ap every morning withaut pressing de brake pedalthey allreaday change the weel cilinder and the brake pads the tink is only does that at mornigs

I have a 98 Plymouth Neon. My reverse lights won't work. I've checked the fuses and they are not burnt out. What else would cause this?

how long do tie rod ends take to do

Would too much oil make the car not start? there is oil in my sparkplugs but the spark plugs still give off spark and it wants to start but doesnt it turns over. but we put too much oil in would that cause it to not start?

my 1998 neon blows out cold air and when i drive it the car over heats

what could be the problam with the check engine light staying on.can't get car inspected

a/c will not kick on. charged system but compressor won't engage. thanks.

my car will start but shifter is loose and will not go into gear can move shifter forward and back thats all please help me. thank you!!

Hello again My Name is Angie. My Plymouth Neon wont start it has a spark from spark plugs but there is oil in two of the plugs. We found out that my Husband put too much oil in would that cause the car not to start? it turns over but dont start. thanks for taking time to help look forward to hearing from you thanks

2 days ago while driving on the interstate at 70mph WITH cruise control ON and alot of rain when the car suddenly decelerated as if I had turned the cruise control off. We were near an Oasis so we pulled off and I looked under the hood for obvious things like fan belts, coolant hoses, oil loss,etc. The only thing I seen was alot of water on top of the battery and an adjacent electrical box I assumed to be the "electronic brain" of the vehicle.

We finished our trip to the tune of approximately 120 miles and had no further problems with the car excepting the "Check engine soon" idiot light was on. we used the car for local errands Monday with no problems. Yesterday was Tuesday and the car sat outside without starting or running. This morning the car will turn over but will not fire. Any suggestions????

what would make my car quit while driving or when i hit a bump or pothole?

Why do my windshield wipers just stop working? I was told it is a relay switch but I can't find one. I checked under the hood but there isn't one there.

Hello my name is Angie and I have a Plymouth Neon that for some reason wouldn't start one day. It acts like it wants to start but doesn't. i also found oil in the spark plugs. I was wondering if you knew what could be wrong and how pricey will it be? thanks so much

Gauges go up and down, battery indicator light comes on, headlights lose some power (they don't shut off), they actually dim down and then after 10-20 minutes of driving everything works fine electrical wise but the battery indicator light does remain on. Is it the alternator? Or some faulty fuse? Could it be that there is corrosion on one of the battery lines?

How much should it cost?