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how to recharge a.c. with freon

if the van died while driving and has no spark would it be the crank sensor or the coil pack

Mirrors don't operate ever since they took the dash apart to fix the AC. I am thinking that they might have unplugged the connection.

I would like to know how to reset the fuel pump. My van seemed to have run out of gas and now it won't stay running. Would like to eliminate the reset as a possible reason it will not stay running.

the fuel gauge hand went from 1/4 tank to empty on mile run then shut off. gas was put in then it ran for about ten miles and started loosing speed when accelerated it took off again after been towed the service tech suggested maybe the fuel pump was going bad.

problem happens daily with no engine codes showing

This car seems to hesitate when I start it. It will start but I am afraid I will go some where and it won't start.

here are the codes p0731,p0700,p0500,p1698. and any other info you could give please.

Where is the valve to use to refill freon?

I am tryign to find out what kind of transmission i have in my van. It's a 1994 plymouth grand voyager LE 3.8L

And does anyone know what other transmission will cross over?

Strong odor of gasoline towards the back and liquid dripping while the vehicle is on and off.

What does it cost to replace an oil pan?

I took Van into shop after it stalled out . they could not get a code. what happens is it stalls going 20- 70 mph, i stop the van, turn it off, start it again and go, does not happen again for a while (days / weeks) . sometimes if i am going a high rate of speed, it will die then catch again and i'm back running. reciently the problem is getting worse, more often. i've noticed it's when the van has been running and warm. shop says it may be a speed sensor , but can't be sure unless it's happening when i bring it in to be coded.

My fan won't shut off when the car is turned off? What is wrong and how do I fix it?

The wiper motor died. The repair shop wants $340 to replace wiper motor. I want to replace it myself.

Hi, all. My beloved Grand Voyager (in excellent shape otherwise) has a broken AC problem. Last summer the dash button that turns in on and off seemed to work sporadically, pushing it in sometimes turned on the AC, sometimes not. At some point when the AC came on I left the button on throughout the summer. During the winter I needed heat so of course turned it off. This year my AC is not coming on no matter how I push/jiggle the button. Is this indicative of how a compressor would wear out or is it the on/off button itself? Is there some way to bypass the on/off button to see if the compressor will kick in and give me AC?

I'd hate for someone to replace the compressor if all it needs is the dash on/off switch.


I was told my heater pipes are almost dust! Have to drive from ct to pa next week. Just replaced radiator-anyway this job fix can be kept to a minimum pricewise,but still have the car safe to drive for now?

Once the ignition key is turned on the rear wiper starts and cannot be turned off.

Several times after making a trip. I would say an hour and half long or so. The van cuts out and dies. It will not start again until it has cooled down. Wont fire. I pulled off the fuel line and it seems to have plenty of pressure.I am thinking something electrical is getting hot and failing.

UPDATE: Bad crank position sensor.

seems to be common on these. Found a few other people on the forums with the same problem

our oil light came on.. changed oil and filters and still comes on and engine sounds like its missing is it oil pump or what??

The rear windshield wiper will not stop.


Was squeaking, now has a ka-thunking in it. I think the bearings are worn out or something. Is this repairable?

After driving for some time and the fuel tank drops below below half tank, the engine shuts off but start right ups. The only light that comes on is the check oil.

What should be the fuel pump pressure in PSI? There is fluid going through, but the current pressure is 10PSI.

my timing cover leaks does this means i have to replace the gasket and how much will it cost? my email is


I have a 1994 3.3L A604 Voyager that has suddenly developed a terrible jerking when engaging the transmission.

The tranny was due for its annual service, and I changed the fluid(+4) and filter as usual.
I also changed the starter solenoid contacts at the same time, so I disconnected the battery.

Started the van and it lurched badly in forward, jerking like the torque converter was not functioning, and causing the van to die. I restarted a couple of times and got the van to go forward, still lurching.

Finally got it to drive a bit at low accelleration, it shifted through the gears OK, but shifted to 4th at about 30 mph (800 rpm's) and did not want to downshift normally.

Took the van home jerking badly from a "california-roll" stop, and checked all the wires where I may have knocked something loose.
Tried to drive again, same lurching, even in reverse now (before reverse seemed OK), and barely able to get van to get going.

Any ideas would be appreciated!!


clear out drain hoses and water still leaks in passenger side of Van, Where could the water be comming from it leaks in after water runs down the windshield ,but some is leaking in.

Used to be sporadic not firing up problem and I was having to "bump" the key/starter a few times to get the van to start up. Now, the "bumping" doesn't work. Neighbor says he had a similar problem with his Grand Voyager that turned out to be an emergency fuel shut off switch, but I can't find one of these on my van. Any ideas of what to check for the problem and/or where to find the shut off switch?

I have a 96'Plymouth Grand Voyager SE,3.8l V6,that stalls out frequently, fuel filter,fuel pump and several sensors have been replaced. The engine will run sputtering..and then all at once the tach drops to "0", check engine light goes on and off,occasionally the rear wiper comes on and then shuts off as quickly as it came on! A ghost in the works is the best description...when the engine does a timing issue! I have plenty of power, when things don't intermitantly occur...If the engine stalls out..if on the road..I can pull over..and 2 things starts up and runs fine until the next onslaught....or it won't start and I'll have to wait a minute or so to resume driving. I have noticed that when backfiring, I can put my transmission in neutral and it'll stop missing and revs normal, till I pull it into drive and it'll backfire once fuel pressure tests normal when checked...does this model have an electronic control module issue? I can't be the only soul with this problem...I've been told dashboard clusters can cause this too...or could a defective wiring harness cause this to happen...someone please patience and revenue are running on empty!!! Chris in Kentucky