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The Freon has leaked out enough that the compressor will not engage. Can I recharge the system without vacuuming first? If I do will that harm the compressor?

The air compressor will run for about 3 seconds turn off, stay off for about 5 seconds. This just keeps repeating itself over & over. Anyone have & idea what is wrong?

The car was fully check out by certifed mechanic prior to repair and no other leaks were identified. The underside was power washed off by mechanic and no leaks reported. Repair to timing cover gasket made we drove 10 miles and major power steering leak occured at seal, also power steering hose now has minor leak. Now reported hose and power steering gear box needs replaced.

1. Could the timing cover gasket replacement have caused the problem in some way rupturing the Power Steering seal?

2.Could one replace just the hose and the seal to minimize the cost of this major repair?

this happens everytime when you start the van.

motor will notstay rnning at idle speed

battery may be problem not sure

my wipers stop working on me and it turns out to be the bushings have worn and the linkage came loose ive looked everywhere for help or a diagram nothing so how do i change the bushings and make sure the linkage is in correctly?

it seems like there is transmission fluid everywhere when i look under the hood of my van and there is some leaking on the ground.....also the fan wont stop running

So I put my car in reverse and it wount move then I put the car in neutral and it moves forward I added transmission fluid but nothing has changed please help me don't know what else it may be

replace sway bar end links


belt not broke, pulley sheared from cranksaft

I can hear the motor work and the window goes down about 1/8 of an inch. It doesn't matter which switch is being used (either the drivers side switch or the switch on the passenger door).

I can feel a click in the cruise control module when it is turned on and there is vacuum to it. The only othing would be the pick up. Where is it?

cant seem to get any spark from coil to distrubuter

What do i have to do to get to the spark plugs in order to change them

where is it located on this car?

do i need any additional parts other then the filter?

My doors autolock by themselves while im driving,continuously? what is it that?

Just recently, the dual switch for the front power windows started working intermittently, and now doesn't work at all. I checked the main fuse behind the center console -- O.K. The passenger side power window switch works fine for that window, but the driver's side window won't roll up at all. Any ideas?


when it gets warm

Factory stock radio. Checked and changed out fuse in inside fuse box. When I first turned it on, it worked then suddenly stopped playing the station it was tuned to and just made a static noise. When I tried to turn it off, it would not turn off, just continued to make static sound through speakers. For a while, it worked intermittently but now does not at all. Could it be a bad ground? I heard about other "fuse boxes", 2 of them, in other locations on the vehicle but don't know where they are. Would like to know that too as I have some other issues that I just haven't had the time to check into yet. Thanks much for any help!

Having problems locating the OBD port on this van.

We have looked and can not locate the OBD port.

after putting 12v to temp sensor engine stalled then turned off

engin shut off after i put 12v to temperatur sensor

When you turn on the key there is a clicking sound coming from under the glovebox. Is there a starter relay there ???
Used the van a week ago and it was fine,

makes somes clanking noises in the tranmission area

It just started making a humming sound when you flip lock lever.

my van starts fine and runs normal at first. WHile I am driving it down the road it will suddenly stall out. When I try to restart my van it sounds like it isnt getting fire and of course wont start. I can let it sit for a short time, almost time to cool it down then it will start and do the same thing over and over again.