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No fire to coil
No fire out of coil
My van drives fine then out of no where check engine light and tranny won't shift stuck in a low gear. I pull over shut the engine of start it again an it drives fine for awhile what could this be a sensor? Or tranny?
The van will go into Park, Reverse, 1st Gear and 2nd Gear, But wont go into any other gears. I would like to know why that is?
It started out as a popping sound when the van was shifting up (automatic). Now it is jerking, possibly backfiring, and still making the popping sound. I checked transmission fluid, and found it was empty. Filled it, found it empty 3 days later, filled it again with transmission sealant and fluid. Fluid staying full now, but still jerking and popping sound.
and when you go To Start it, it Starts and dies instantly?
Passenger sliding door first became hard to latch and had to be pushed in at rear of door to latch, then became hard to latch at all. It sometimes seems to latch with help, then I hear road noise & have to close it again. 199,032 miles. What do I fix?
Started van it started up,i started to drive & it stalled & wouldnt start back up then my battery needed charged so i had it charged full charge on battery,i tried to start it & it wouldent start, it turns over it just wont start,i noticed my cam censor needed replaced,i am about to go put it in now,when i turned the key i seen that the lights were blinking on dash where my heater& air conditioner temperature control is,
For a few months now, every time I start accelerating about 30mph, the van seems like it is backfiring/not wanting to accelerate. Once you get up to speed, it continually jerks, not terribly hard, but it does it. I noticed my muffler is really loud. Could needing a new muffler cause the van to do this?
What causes a Plymouth Grand voyager 3.3 L Distributor less Ignition Systems to randomly not have spark from the second coil even though a primary and secondary resistance test shows all 3 coils to be good?

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