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theres 2 sizes which do i need
they say theres 2 sizea and i dont know how to tell what size mine are
I assume it must have some purpose. Appears to be weather stripping of some sort, but what does it protect? It's a foam tube-shaped "pool noodle"-type thing, like copper water pipe insulation.
my door ajar light will go off when i put in reverse or park. but stays on in drive.
A/C blowing hot air. needs expansion valve replaced.
This van has so many electrical problems .i looked at the fuse panel and the circuit board is coming having problems finding one.
Once ever two weeks didn't start twice in a row in rain
Diagnostic : Turbine code.
It is completely off of all three tracks and is sitting on the floor of the back seat.
Changed the cam and cranking sensors. New coil pack. And nothings wrong with the timing chain . What else could it be. Everything else works
Just changed TCM and now codes show shift selonoid defective.
turn ignition, no clicks, nothing at all. replaced battery and cables. still nothing. lights and interior and dash lights come on, fully charged battery. Just happened suddenly, drove and started fine day before, in morning nothing. Dont know where to go from here, any help is appreciated.

thanks tom
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