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How many gallons of gas are left in my tank (19.8 gal) once the fuel indicaor light comes on? Thanks for any help.
I just had the oil changed on my 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager 4 days ago. It ran like it usually does with no problems. Then last night when I went to use the van the Oil Warning light came on intermittently. I checked the oil level in the engine and it is full. On another site there was a warning that the oil pump can fail so I don't know if the problem is an oil pump failure or the "idiot" oil warning light sensor is failing.

There are no unusual leaks or noises from the engine. There has always been a light tapping when I first start the vehicle. Sometimes when I press the accelerator, the oil warning light goes out, but when I come to a stop it pops on again. The Van has 103,000 miles on it. I drive less than 2,000 miles a year because I am disabled.

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for your help!

After the oil change, there were no problems. I just started the van about 2 hours ago and now the oil warning light comes on intermittently. As soon as it is light outside, I will check the oil level in the engine. I tried doing this using a flash light, but I cannot see the oil level clearly.

If the oil level is OK, could the problem be the oil sensor? I have 103,000 miles on the Grand Voyager. There are no unusual leaks from under the van. I did notice that when I pressed the accelerator, that the oil light went off for a few seconds. Because I am disabled I only drive about 2,000 miles a year. If anyone can help me, I will definitely appreciate your assistance!

Thanks for your advice!
Hello My cars transmission had a crack and fluid leaked out and the clutches were bad. So I got a transmission from the wrecking yard, same year and everything. So I had this transmission new clutches rebuilt from a guy in his garage for a low price. so we installed the transmission and it takes a while to change gears, the car won't go over 50 mph up hill, but it does fine and goes well over 75 mph on a flat road. Did the guy who rebuilt the transmission not adjust something right or not put in something right? also its a FWD auto, is a P R N D 2 1 a 3 speed or 4 speed? My car has 107000 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.
Only owned this van for a year, but when the tank is full, the needle is fine. When only a fourth of gas is used, the needle drops to empty and stays there until the next fillup. Can it be fixed?
oil light comes on after driveing a feww miles gos off stoped idleing whats up with
is there a separate relay for each signal? can the bulb sockets go bad?
the van will start but it acts like it's not getting fuel and then wont restart when it warms up
And would it cause blinkers to act irradicly if wrong bulb was put in wrong socket
Smog shop won't smog car if they don't see light first before testing.I can code the car and check engine light is not burnt out.code 43
code for tcm comes up. And it starts working again when it dries out. Can i seal the connectors and where is it located?
It is a 3.3L 2000 grand voyager please help me
Fans aren't working after running continuously running after turning off my ignition it is a/c ..............................
I don't know what else to do. is there a way to jump the PCM and make it start
no air flow from rear overhead vents.
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