Plymouth Grand Voyager Questions

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is there a separate relay for each signal? can the bulb sockets go bad?
the van will start but it acts like it's not getting fuel and then wont restart when it warms up
And would it cause blinkers to act irradicly if wrong bulb was put in wrong socket
Smog shop won't smog car if they don't see light first before testing.I can code the car and check engine light is not burnt out.code 43
code for tcm comes up. And it starts working again when it dries out. Can i seal the connectors and where is it located?
It is a 3.3L 2000 grand voyager please help me
Fans aren't working after running continuously running after turning off my ignition it is a/c ..............................
I don't know what else to do. is there a way to jump the PCM and make it start
no air flow from rear overhead vents.
shifter will not come out of park
Other than at the switches or the motors.
the quote I am getting seems high. I am not sure of the engine information
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