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Rear running lights stay on even when switch is turned off. Also don't have brake or reverse lights. This has drained my battery to the point of it cutting off while driving. Was told could be a relay but can't figure out which one. It is a Manuel if that affects anything.
dealer said not showing diagnositic codes they are puzzled

when I pull over and let it sit for a minute then it starts right back up but then cuts off again as I am driving

always the oil pressure light comes on; and sometimes the check engine light
Where can I find the anchor point to install a child seat?
Runs rough and takes awhile to warm up
when temps are above 85F. does not overheat
Was driving home when it acted like I ran out of gas but didn't limped it home at 10 miles per hour got home shut it off and restarted it and it had a loud wine noise coming from underneath now it will not go any where when it's put into drive or reverse but still makes noise only when you smash the gas pettel no matter what gear it's in
Positive jumper cable contacted aluminum crossmember inches from the battery, and now the voltage indicates 16 volts and dash LED indicators flicker in brightness. Where is the voltage regulator? Engine is 3.5L V6
position, turn it back one position and leave the key in the ignition. and it is draining my battery
code for tcm comes up. And it starts working again when it dries out. Can i seal the connectors and where is it located?
It is a 3.3L 2000 grand voyager please help me
I recently purchased two new headlights for my car (the old ones were getting really foggy and scuffed). I am just unsure of how to go about removing the old headlights in order to replace them with the new ones I purchased.
when I run my A C the air will not move through the top vents , where you want the air to come , it comes through the defrost only
Just had fuel replaced, drove 10 miles now it want start at all. what should i try now
It died while I was going down the road. It turns over and tries but won't start.
Fans aren't working after running continuously running after turning off my ignition it is a/c ..............................
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