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1995 Plymouth Voyager won't start after airbags deloyed
98 plymouth voyager expresso 3.3L 6 cyl
the van will start but it acts like it's not getting fuel and then wont restart when it warms up
We are trying to get spark plug off of back right side.
And would it cause blinkers to act irradicly if wrong bulb was put in wrong socket
Smog shop won't smog car if they don't see light first before testing.I can code the car and check engine light is not burnt out.code 43
I want to rewire fan in another vehicle
there is a signal shows that Low Tire on the indicator
I have a 99 Plymouth Breeze heads using a lot of oil but it's not leaking out anywhere.. and the check engine light came on what should I do
I replaced the spark plugs, the wires that send the spark and even the ignition coil, I believe it's called. It's still won't catch one what else could it be?
Rear running lights stay on even when switch is turned off. Also don't have brake or reverse lights. This has drained my battery to the point of it cutting off while driving. Was told could be a relay but can't figure out which one. It is a Manuel if that affects anything.
dealer said not showing diagnositic codes they are puzzled

when I pull over and let it sit for a minute then it starts right back up but then cuts off again as I am driving

always the oil pressure light comes on; and sometimes the check engine light
Where can I find the anchor point to install a child seat?
Runs rough and takes awhile to warm up
when temps are above 85F. does not overheat
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