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I can turn the key off and on off and on off and on and keep trying eventually it starts sometimes five tries sometimes 20 tries what is the problem
when i start the car it well start all right and when i put on the brakes it wants to die. and rpms go down.
Already changed speed sensor don't know what else to do someone says to reset ecm
Plus the shifting first and second is not shifting when it suppose to
I've tried resetting the computer the fuel pump the fuel cutoff I've checked about everything ignition module is the only thing I think it could be but I don't know
I thought my fuel pump went out. When I tried to start my car and didn't start. Checked fuses all are good. 4hrs later I tried turning it on again and started right up. It's been like this for about 2 weeks. It will only turn on 1 time per day. Maybe twice.
does not miss all the time replaced coil pacts plugs wires but still has a miss
Backfires then quits running.
My 98 Auroua check engine light is on. Diagnostic says #6 clynder not firing. Can this be fixed as i desperately want to keep my car.
It only overheats over 40 mph, no leaks anywhear
The car was running and then it died got into restart it and the key would not turn the ignition was locked
I just did a complete tune up my battery and alternator are good and its gettn good gas but still wont start help me please.
While doing an oil change it looked as if there where two mufflers one in front of the rear axel and the one you can see when standing atl the rear of the vehicle. Just asking g if I'm correct in that matter. Thanks
I can take key out but batteey light still on u til i sit and wait a few seconds then it makes a CLICK sound then i can turn car all the way off. I can still take key out but the battery light will still be on.I have no alarm
I thi k it has something to do with the ecnigtion switch
The car cranks but doesn't start. Starting fluid helped until it was gone. Although the car did start without the starting fluid but stayed running only a second
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