Oldsmobile Silhouette Questions

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How do I get it unlocked and unjammed
It was working i made a turn now i dont have any turn signals i have a oldsmobile sillouette
I have a 2001oldsmobile silhouette and it started and ran fine the day before and I went to start it this morning and it started hard idled for just a second and then stopped running now all it will do is just crank over but will not fire up at all and it has plenty of fuel in it also do you have any idea what it maybe? This never has happened before and there are no codes that come up either.
the light bulbs are blown out
It doesnt do as bad when I'm stoped
I don't know how to turn of the "phone" that is displayed on my radio. Now my radio doesn't work
I have a new battery. I had a mechanic check it out, but could not find a problem. I need to pass an inspection and any lights on is going to fail.
I would like to repair my thermostat myself, but I would like to know where is it located, and is it a difficult job to complete?
my traction light keeps coming on and for some reason my brake lights are not working for some reason no and also my cruise control is working neither now
Out of the blue on Thursday, the turn signals stopped working and battery drained. We bought a new alternator and had the battery tested. Both things tested fine. The van drove fine for an hour until the battery drained again. So we had alternator tested. Again that was fine. What could be draining the battery? When battery is fully charged the van runs great!
i have checked the fuel lines , relay switch. only way it will start is if you open the breather and spray carb and choke cleaner in it. when you turn the key on it takes 30-45 sec for pump to turn on
you can start it go to point A and turn it off and come back and get in and go to start and it will not start and you can use starting fluid and get to start sometimes...
did smoke test smoke came from canister purge solenoid but its new
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