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The hex thread assembly on the motor crank arm keeps loosening, causing the whole motor crank arm assembly to slip off the motor. Other than continuously tightening the bolt,what are the options?

Battery died over the weekend on my 2002 Silhouette, so I had to replace it myself. Now my Traction control and ABS are off. TCS reset button does nothing, and it appears my fogger light might also be off. The fuse box, wiring and all, are located on top of the battery. Thought maybe I blew a fuse. Is there a fuse that runs all or some of these functions, and which fuse would need to be replaced? Any other suggestions.

what is the name of the part that hold the headlight in place

vans heater does not blow out that hot of air anymore it is warm and keeps the windows defrosted but not as warm as before the van has antifreeze in it and the car does not overheat

was shifting into 2nd gear hard after van warmed up i would let go of gas and decelerate speed and then gain speed again and it would shift now it is acting up sometimes in 3rd gear

how to take the light bulb out to change it.

there is no heat, just cold air at a idle. It does have a little heat when your reving the heck out of it.

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when not on the gas or in park it acts like it want to die like the idleing is set to there an idleing screw so i can idle it up so u dont have to have one foot giving it gas when in park or coming to a stop

I have checked bulbs and fuses,i also have my hazard lights still. Is it the turn signal flasher, and if it is where is it located on the van?

Just had intake manifolds replaced due to antifreeze leak; now Im being told exhaust is leaking into the coolant system causing the vehicle to overheat. What needs done now to repair; any ideal of cost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Everything was fine with it yesterday, it's really cold here right now and it seems not to like that too much, but it hasn't given me any problems. Just changed the battery out 1 month ago, filled the tank 2 days ago, so I don't think that is the issue, what else could it be?

how to replace the thermostat...or what causes the car not to blow hot air...

don't know don't own car

for the last two days i go to my van to go to work and turn the key to start to crank the motor and then it stops and the battery and starter are good i found the terminals to be corroded on the selinoid i cleand them it was ok go out there thois morning and the same thing it starts to turn over then stops

while driving, the steering wheel moves slightly back and forth, thinking its the tie rod ends, but would like some other ideas thanks!

1997 Silhouette passenger automatic sliding door made knocking noises after closing. After several times of doing this it quit working altogether. Checked fuses. Would like to know where to find the door motor and where the cables are. That is what it sounds like to me.

What is the best way to replace the hose

bought in feb. this year..ran perfect. in may, started stalling while i was out. but would start back up several times. then wouldnt start. had it towed. when tow truck guy tried to start it was clanking. noticed that the pcv elbow was gone. got it to garage said cam was cracked and had to replace engine. went used. 2 months and 1400 dollars later. got it back not as quiet or smooth. started having brake issues. was told by friend it was a vacuum issue. i was also dripping radiator fluid around the intake gaskets and my water pump was crunching and would need to be replaced. within in weeks was getting very rough ride. found the pcv elbow to have a whole on replacing found two other hose not attached and one melted clean through due to placement. due to lack of money couldnt take to shop but couldnt find info about where or what they were. so limited driving as much as possible. friday it began to overheat and spew radiator fluid around engine. got home as fast as i could. parked it. when it cooled i tried to check for leaks etc. assumed it was probably water pump gone. went to start car and there is no power at all. not even a click. brother in law came to day and tried to jump it. nothing. not even a click. checked fuses under hood he thinks alternator. but i dont see how. is there a safety feature that would shut the power off like that. it just doesnt seem like a dead battery. is there something to be checked first?

service traction light keeps coming on, what does it mean and how do i fix it?

was to motor not getting oil to it.can it be fixed or do i have to buy a new motor?

what does code 568 on diagnostics mean.

Check engine light remains on no problem with starting or driving.

fuel filter location

can some one please help

When I put my van in park it wouldn't come back out of park. However, the gearshift moves but nothing happens what if anything can I do before putting it in the shop?

My 2000 Silhouette won't start we checked the battery and thats not the problem. What else could be wrong?

My 2000 Silhouette. I replace the fuel pump and filter because the Van would run for a while and sputter and stop. It would take some time to start again. Once started I would have to keep foot on pedal and brake and then put it in gear or it would turn off. I also replace the fuel pump relay switch under the hood.If I let the van idle and wait it would eventually turn off.There is no check engine light occurence when this happens.Please advise me on a solution if possable. Thank you. Ray

Car overheatings: have replaced thermostat, water pump, radiator and cap flush system had used magic sealant for intake manifold problem repair manifold gasket problem

My gas line is "kinked" and needs to be replaced with a new pressure line.

I replaced have already replaced the vehicle speed sensor there is now no diagnostic code