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New engine from GM after the intake manifold problem. Otherwise runs perfect. A friend at a GMC dealership said that it's a problem with a sensor in the enrichment circuit. Van is at a GM dealership now and tech's are stumped. Any Help?? Problem is almost invisible in summer because temp rises fast, but winter is bad for a few minutes.
sometimes the van wont start..then u wait a few miutes or open and close the door before it starts again..would like to know if can disengage alarm all together
The message center light came on yesterday. I read about it and did not use heater or radio today. However, tonight the gas gauge kept moving to Empty (just filled up) and car wants to die.
no power at all
The automatic door slider still works and when I turn the key in ignition all the interior lights come on. But it wont start. How can I fix this?
Blowing cold air, will not warm up
it seems like the hoses stay cool coming from the radiator.
tried jumping the battery,still nothing..was running fine,now
Battery new, alternator tested good. Tried jump start but seems like it won't take acharge. Was told to check relays. Need to know where they are located and how I can test them.
Fire from exhaust pipe now won't start what could be the problem
not getting any heat blowing cold air
The van drives fine for about 2-3 miles then acts like it is in neutral I then stop and turn it off start it back up and go again for another 2-3 miles before it does it again sometimes it happens in less than a mile sometimes more is the tranny toast
I then stop shut the van off , start it back up and drive for another 2 miles or so before it does it again .
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