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Power sliding door closes, but don't want to stay closed unless assisted by hand pressure.
Passenger power side door wont close and stay closed under power. It almost closes, but then opens. I can usually make it stay closed by applying hand pressure to help.
Goes off if you ease off of the gas
Shop said, Exhausted gases in cooling system, cracked or blown head gasket(s). This after replacing seals 6 weeks prior. Took 1998 Old Silhouette Mimi van in for van running hot. Replaced seals 1500.00 . Six weeks later van doing same thing , running hot, . Without taking apart they gave above diagnoses and quoted 2500.00. If first repair was done correctly, shouldn't the second issue not of occurred ? Thank you
Brakes failed, pedal went to the floor. My mechanic said master cylinder was bad...maybe ABS pump, but he didn't *think so*. So, he bought a new master cylinder and tried to replace it, but it's still not working. He can't figure out how to reassemble it correctly. Apparently to get the ABS pump apart from the master cylinder he ended up taking the abs pump apart ...he removed the top part of the pump from the pan that has the motors sticking up....seems like he took the top half off instead of lifting the whole unit to get to the bolts that attach it to the master cylinder, so he now can't get it back together where the gears meet in the right place to have correct timing. NOW he thinks I should buy a new ABS pump (not cheap) and I'm wondering why...why did he take the part apart? did he really have to do that? can it be reassembled? did he break the pump by doing this? Any advice on how to get this back together correctly? Apparently the 1997, 98 and 99 are the only years that used this configuration where the 2 parts are so integrated. Very aggravated.....any help or advice would be appreciated.
It's been doing this for a few days, but always starts after 10-15 minutes. Today it won't though. What can it be?
Mostly on short runs. Also it starts running fine but when I hit 45 mph it starts pulling, what can it be ?
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