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i just installed new brakes to car and for some reason they are not working as they should.

My 94 cutlass supreme has a pretone leaks from the freeze plug a lot n can't afford a garage, so pls say u can help. thank you

I started the car and it started smoking drove 1/2 mile and pulled over. Parked it and then it wouldn't crank again. resivor tank was boiling ...

I was told it would require a lot of labor and very few parts. Not sure what would be fair for that amount of labor.

this car is getting great gas pressure,it runs great sitting still what is the deal of a mat or an iac sensor on this model the check engine light is not on.the only code it had was a oxygen sensor and we put a new one on the car,we have put new ingition modcule,and new coils,and i have a new set of plugs to go into this car too.i have a new mator iac sensor ordered to go on this car too.

would a mat sensor cause a 1990 oldsmobile cutlass supreme not to run when you put the car in gear to back up car will run as long as you pat gas like pumping up a tire the car has great gas pressure.the car runs great where it sit's

I Can't go above 70 mph at all 65 if I am lucky. But when going up hill it goes 35mph tops. Its just starts cutting out and the car starts jerking when I press the gas pedal down about halfway.

I recently changed the manifold gaskets and spark plugs due to coolant in my oil and it ran fine before I did that.

Any information would be great, Thanks.

and i have put a new ingition modcule on it new coils and an oxygen sensor and now when you try and drive it it will miss and does not seem to have any power it does not have any codes on the computer,it is like it is not getting gas when it is put in gear,as long as you pump the gas it tries to run

it has been hesitant when accelerating.

Well I have a 1984 culass supreme and I recently changed the fuse for my tail lights. The tail lights are working fine now but the brake lights stopped working after I changes my tail light fuse. I need help with this. What could be the problem?

its the original.120,000 miles

I read where you have to flush and bleed the system. I have driven it to get the fluid to fill all the lines, but then discovered that they say you have to suspend the front wheels off the ground and work it right to left till all the air is out and you are not filling the fluid any further. Is it necessary to do this method? Is there anything else that could be wrong that I am missing? I am at wits end and need to get my power steering back. Please help!

car was runnig rough for about 2 months. A rich condition that i think was caused by a leaky intake gasket. While driving one day it stalled. It acted like it had a dead battery, wouldnt turn over. I put a wrench on the crank pully and I couldnt turn it. went both ways and it only seemed to to just barely move. tried the key a few more times and it finally turned over, but sounded real bad like metal banging. Turned it off right away. Tried to turn it over again just too see if it would, but no luck. Had it towed home. Sure would kike to save this car. No engine light, regular oil changes, with the lean condition the cat was getting cherry red. It has a 3.1L engine.
Could I have spun a bearing or what else may have happened?
Thank You

Leak coming from under the right side of my engine and it's pretty big leak took it in to get looked up at they said it was the power steering what else could be involved is it a hose that needs to be replaced or something else?

The knocking just started recently in the rear passenger-side wheel area and I am wondering if it is the bearings or something else. It knocks when at low-medium speed.

cant find where the pcv valve is located on 3.1 v 6 92 olds

car will start idle is eratic,up and down then dies

the said 22

motor is a 3.1 v 6

steering came unhooked when fixing powersteering hose

barly starts and stauls rite out.replaced pump & sock filter.still the same.could a gas cap be the prob

having a probelm founding a toruqe rod,right side.Seems this part is no where to be found.Where can I get this part

will resetting the timing keep the check engine light from coming on?The egr,iac have been replaced?

Is there a fuse for the check engine light and if so were?Also will unpluging the wire that goes to the low coolet sensor hurt anything?Will driving with the check engine lights on hurt?

This part have already been replaced,along with the EGR

Had my low coolet sensor replaced cause I got fed up with the light comes on,but it's full of coolet.But after it was replaced,it's back on why? Could it be a bad part,or the wiring?

had the codes pulled and it said to replace egr,IDC.Lasted two weeks and the light came back.It now comes on when it's idling.It is reving high.

will a 2000 alera 3.1 fit a 1997 cuttless 3.1 both have aut trans

Yesterday I noticed that the drivers side floorboard was soaked through with water. I could not find where it was coming from but it is only on that one side. What do ya'll think is up? Air conditioner is working fine.

is there more than one fuel filter