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heater worked fine before, tonight when i started the car i turned the heater on, it was fine, and then i turned it to high and it compleltey stopped. i can still feel a little heat from the air ducts that shoot to the floor. there is no air moving whatsoever. so I'm hoping its just the blower? thoughts?
the car sits so low i would like to lift it up
also what are symptoms of bad egr valve, dies often but always starts back up after 30 seconds
I can hear the motor kick on but it only foes up an inch then stops. I see the belt.should it be attached to something at both ends of it what do I ask for to buy a new belt...but I don't know if that's the problem
I felt a jump then saw smoke from the rear and the car would not shift to next gear.I parked and lots of smoke came from under hood. I saw red fluid leaking from under (lots of it). It would not go in to reverse. It sat for 4 hours. It started fine and went in reverse but not in to drive. Fluid still leaking. 180,000 miles.
Need details. Does the A-frame have to be dropped. Would like detailed procedure before I start
Keeps blowing fuse. replaced switch.
Does anyone know what ac compressors work with this model, I need one bad and can't seem to find one I can afford.
noise comming from front end when I go over 10 mph it sounds like a bad tire humming I had tires checked and rotated still hear noise. I changed out the driver cv joint & the spindle thinking the bearing was bad. Plus replaced ball joint. Still hear the nioise. Any Ideas. Oh when the cvjoint was removed no transmission fluid came out.
The car will take itself up to 35 without me touching the accelerator. I can rejigger the idle setting by switching from drive to neutral while stopped waiting a few seconds, hearing the engine slow down, and shifting back to drive, it seems to get a new reading, sometimes the same, sometimes slower, sometimes so slow the car clunks out if I am not revving it manually.

I had the computer and the MAF computer replaced by technicians and they gave it back to me saying they have no idea what the problem is. Any ideas?
Recently the rear wagon door latch started cycling when the car was in Park or Neutral and the remote door control quit working. My mechanic disconnected the rear latch control. Was told that the unit that controls both was located behind the inside storage compartment at the rear left side panel and we would have to have the number from that unit in order to get the correct match. Upon removing the compartment we found it was not there nor can we find it any were else in the rear panels of the wagon. Does anyone know where it could be located and where we can find a replacement? My Carquest supplier says they do not list that part for that early date of wagon.
I need driver side door and front bumper trim pieces (black plastic guards). Also a drivers side turning lense, and emblem/lettering for both fender badges.

Thank you.

james O'Malley

need to know where part goes electrion switch goes suppose to be on steering colum cant find
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