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Knocking starts as soon as I start car, some say it NY lifters some say my piston
1995 cutlass ciera oldsmobile .
I bought this car a few weeks ago everything was running great the car sat for about a year. The first thing I did was top off tranny fluid, oils changed ect. It was driving great.
I start my car no problems and when I drive it to about 15 mph it doesn't shift and acts like it's going into over drive which makes the check engine light turn on after it doesn't shift and i let off the gas and the car drives fine again with no shifting problems until the next time I have to turn it off and start it again. Could bad transmission fluid cause this?
I have change relay checked fuses and it will run if i jump the pump the grey wire on the relay. I found tge wire harness plug in the trunk was rotten. I cut and spliced them and made a new ground and still it wont send power to the pump with the key.
Any ideas?
My headlights are pointing way too low.
my 1994 cutlass ciera s 4 cyl runs great, except I have a problem with my check engine light it keeps coming on and off sometimes I can drive several hours before it appears on. I have had the filter replaced, and the spark plugs replaced, what can be causing this problem. Other than this problem the car runs great
I got into my 92 olds cutlass ciera and started just fine and when I went to put it in gear the gear shifter didnt catch and it just moves up and down freely and doesnt catch any gears?
all say trans is out, but no signs it was going out. ran fine 2 days ago. yesterday leaked fluid and reversed. need to know if my car has a trans modulator and if this can be the cause of it acting needs a trans. best friend said trans modulator acts like trans goiing out
Clock turns off when headlights turn on, cruise control does not work, A/C will not come on, dash lights do not come on, and speedometer/odometer do not work. ABS light is on and the turn signals flash at varying speeds when using them. All of the fuses located by the glove compartment are good to go. The little power box located near the battery with little wires coming out of it was dirty, so I cleaned the connectors (the clock was reset after reconnect) and that did not fix the issue.
getting only 3 volts to the a/c now,
I replaced the plugs, plug wires and ignition coils, but still dying unless I keep pushing the gas pedal.
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