Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Questions

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One Day after Pa Inspection Driving approx. 3miles car stalls at intersection won't start Battery dead will easily crank with jump plenty of fuel added fuel dryer
what is the frugal intervention
changed fuel regulator
Took plugs loose and numberd them but it smeared off.
I pushed the button to unlock the doors on my car and they won't unlock. Though when I push the lock button and they lock. Do you know what could be wrong? Thank you.
Old vehicle. Most everything is stock and sat up for a very long time. But I pt about ten thousand miles so far
battery was changed the radio wont play the vin# is163al54n0n6421977
where is map sensor located on 1989 cierra 3.3 liter
I changed the coil packs and ignition module battery is good starter and alternater is good can you please help me.
but car wont move feels like someone is holding brake on no check engine light is on trans. never did slip this started all at once no warning help Thanks
I started the car and as soon as I turned on the lights they went off. I get no interior lights, head lights, no break lights and the abs light came on. the electrical on this car is a mes. Can you help or tell me what this could be? Please I dont know what else to do car starts fine.
It is almost like the tranny is locked in park
The door handle isn't working on the inside
Beginning in 1994, GM began the migration to the ultimate goal of all vehicles being OBD-II compliant, and my Oldsmobile is in the 20% or so that were sent over prior to 1996. Actually, it is a hydrid, mostly OBD_II compliant, yet packed in an OBD-I form. I have observed this by the changes in the ALDL connector. only 12 pins and cant use the usual jumper from A to B. so can modern scaners (OBD-II help me?
fan not working
previous owner lost a tire while going down the freeway and the car hit the ground and since then the car will not work in any gear, but if you unplug the solenoid it will work in forward gears only but will not move in reverse. Is there a relay or would the knock sensor be a factor?
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