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I am a master technician. Know all the problems associated with my car. When it runs rough check for spark at coils by removing wires. When I remove the #4 wire the car shuts off and then hard to restart. After 30 seconds it starts fine. Fuel pressure normal, spark normal and all sensors are fairly new. New fuel injectors (A/C Delco). No check engine light when running rough and no codes (current or history). When your driving somewhere and shut the car off, go do what you need to do and come back. Time is not a factor. The car will either start up and run normal or will run rough. Sometimes you will be driving and all of sudden you can feel the car get its power back and then run fine for days, other times it will run rough for consecutive starts and then start up and run fine. Any ideas would much appreciated.
I replaced my send and return trans cooling lines and did not mark them. trans has top and bottom ports/holes and radiator has top and bottom lines, don't want to cross them up. Looks like top goes to top but not sure.
I have a 1989 oldsmobile cutlass ciera. Im having problems with it stalling out while accelerating and also not wanting to start up / start back up. Starting fluid helps when this happens but the problem keeps happening. Anyone know what maybe the cause?
A month ago, my car shut off while I was driving (35mph). No warning or anything, it just died, but the lights and radio worked fine. I assume the problem was because I ran out of oil. After filling it and a jump it starts up. I just changed the spark plugs and wires as well, but it has this awful shake when it is in idle. When I drive it, it will shake some too. What could be wrong with it?
?UnderTheDash?Where and how two determine if fuel is getting two plugs' or injrctors. wher is the fuel entry into engine

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