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when I start my car it will start but the oil and charge light will come on and the car will not move until I turn the car of and restart the car what is the problem with this issue?

Once it cools down it will start again and do the same thing all over again

The motor is a 3.3Liter V6

Have water leak that just happened without warning. Already replaced the ones on both sides of the engine. Its leaks quickly. But from under the car see only water. Cant tell where the source is. Its at the rear of block. From the top looking down cant see water or frezz plugs? does that mean remove trans?

Radio is not playing

I'm wanting to replace the EGR valve on my cars engine but can't locate it..

Just put in antifreeze .saw water dripping from hose near power steering pump n before bunch of water under radiator on pavement.

car starts and runs good for a short time maybe 4-15 min. then shuts off and will not start again.

Was thinking I should have got s key made from the original ignition unbutton after I lost the key. Wonder if I can use a toggle switch it.

I only start hearing a noise from the left front wheel of car. Sounds like a
rubbing noise that changes in pitch. I took off hubcap , but I still get noise.
It only makes noise after a short time of driving. I have front wheel drive, could this be wheel bearings?

There are exhaust issues. I've run a new flex tube from front to back and it's still loud and now there's this loud vibrating noise under the floorboard when I accelerate. The trans shifts smooth and engine runs great so I can't figure out what this noise is. Any suggestions?

Recently my car was driving fine until the other day. I went to back out of a parking stall, which it backed up fine; but when I shifted down to drive, it wouldn't go nowhere. I then shifted back to reverse and again did just fine. I never had any problems before that. Tranny fluid is fine and full.

Jumped start battery dead. Filled radiator turned key the water in radiator shoots straight up in the air. Never saw anything like that. Had a lot of cars overheat. The car had not been started in eight months.

when i drive my car runs great goes down the road fine but when i stop after it warms up the car will die when i come to a stop but the motor will start right back up when i put it in gear the motor will die again till it cools off the it will go down the road just fine again.

It was working fine and I did not see check engine light on. I stopped at a store. Got back in and drove a few blocks. The engine just stopped and the check engine lights came on.

Bad heater core leaking coolant.

I have that same problem also with my 1979 Malibu Classic.

i can't make it fit

So I took my car in to get a tune up. They guys said my spark plugs were rusted and injectors were gunked up. They changed the spark plugs wires, cleaned the injectors and everything else. Then I took my car in to have the radiator changed out again (due to faulty manufacturing) they said the fluid looked like rust color almost a milky substance. Is this my head gasket? I also have fuel in my oil :(

I can now turn over the ignition but a couple of wires have been disconnected and I need to know what proper wiring to ignition looks like

I have a 91 Olds Ciara 130.000miles on motor leaking oil from passenger side coming from rear of motor

Bulbs and fuses are good

When I come to a stop light or sign it will cut off and it takes about 10 minutes to start again. It does it after its been driven for a while.

Car starts runs then dies and got fuel pressure

Car makes a high pitch sound from back of car.When car gets low in gas its louder.But when I put gas in it it quotes down?

Last night I was driving and my car just turned off 3 times. She was at 1/4 of a tank of gas. My husband told me I had a vapor lock in my fuel system. I am also blowing fuses at least 1 per week, and one of the new fuses that I put in aren't working. I did have a CRACK in my fuel line and got that fixed as well as it could be fixed. What concerns me is that car gives me no symptoms when she turns off and I fear it may be electrical. Is there anyone that can help me with this???

The ABS light has been an issue for years. New event along with the ABS light...the emergency brake is slightly engaging when I NEVER use it. Also when the emergency brake disengages the low traction light and e-brake light come on and go off. Diagnostics have been run and found nothing. ANY IDEAS??? I am at a loss with this one :(

I drove my car about 5 miles no problems with the blinkers. Got back into my car 30min later and no blinkers or hazard lights at all. No noises no flashing nothing. I know it is a possibility that the fuse could be out. I am wondering if there is a relay that I don't know about, just in case the fuse isn't the problem. Any ideas or advise would be very helpful. Thank you

Put in a mass air flow sensor, put in a engine gasket in April 2016. Now car is stalling, check engine light is on fuel gauge not working, trip counter not working, engine stalls and surges rpms move up and down while I am on gas pedal or coasting