Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Questions

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Car cranks . but will not fire . so I wonder if he shorted the cables out to cause electric problems
Throwing Sparks when on park, but not on drive, it keeping the reading when I put the ohm f, can i lube it up to last me a week till I get paid,
I thought my fuel pump went out. When I tried to start my car and didn't start. Checked fuses all are good. 4hrs later I tried turning it on again and started right up. It's been like this for about 2 weeks. It will only turn on 1 time per day. Maybe twice.
My cars engine blew on the highway same day that it passed its annual and state testing. Now it has an oil leak about 2 - 3 inches in front of the oil pan and doesn’t turn over
I took my dash apart bcuz we installed a stereo. But I'm not sure piece by piece how they go.
does not miss all the time replaced coil pacts plugs wires but still has a miss
Ive replaced the fuel pump and crank shaft senser one person i had look at it he said its a ground not hooked up or loose
Backfires then quits running.
How do you know that it is the fuel pump when it runs a little bit and quiets
we start the car and seems fine tell we put it into gear then shuts down now the battery is drained took off alt its fine.
Won't restart till it cools down I don't have money to replace everything o see this engine does this alot
We just changed gaskets and my husband broke one of the rod things so we had to buy another one brand new will it make a difference
wont shift into 4th gear--overdrive
Hot water doesn't travel from pump through tube to core. vacuum issue? Faulty pump? Obviously water is cycling through the motor but not to the heater core. Its been replaced with new core and still doesn't receive water from pump.
I had a headlight out on the drivers side. The passenger side headlight worked and so did both high beams. I replaced the headlights and it still didn't work. I took out the drivers side headlight while the car was running (stupid me) and it flashed and now it won't work either...can anyone help? I have a 94 Oldsmobile cutlass cierra
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