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I think it might have somthing to do with the abs?? I don't know what to do? I have brakes but you have to reslly press on pedal hard. I have code C0274 This excessive time What is this? Thanks Jerry
How do you change spark plugs or a thermostat on a 2004 PT cruiser without removing the manifold intake
Key won't remove and engine won't stop except screwdriver inserted in release hole under steering wheel
My car runs hot and there is no leaking hoses. The radiator is full and the fans spews violent out of the plastic add tank. All fuses are good.

Replaced EGR & ECM and still is on. Where to check for low voltage to EGR
Squeak is worst when turning or driving over bumps
I thought Olds had a recall on this issue, but cannot find any info.
Rear wheel bearing on drivers side how do I change it
Then I pull over shut it off and start it up and take off then 5 "- 1 mile dose something
It just started doing this and when it hits 210 all it will do is just rev up. Can anyone help with this problem?
sometimes it works fine and other like today it took about an hour for it get out of gear
my ac doesn't really wor.. When's it's cool outside it blows room temp air but when it's very hot all it does is blow hot air. What part would u suggest I get to fix it. It's not the anti freeze or anything because we have already checked all that. My husband and father in law seem to think it may be the sensor or motor
do trailblazer or Yukon parts also fit ?
I check fuses, replaced the blower motor resistor, front AC CONTROL MODULE, and Vent Mode Actuator. what else do you recommend
Problem with front-wheel drive can I remove both axles and differential completely and leave them out permanently
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