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My truck is stuck between park and reverse and I cannot get it to go into park, there fore my truck will not start because of a safety lock thing. I need to know if any of you guys think it could be a linkage rod messing up or shifter cable needing replaced, Ive checked every auto parts store in town and no one can even find a linkage rod for my vehicle. PLEASE HELP!!!
the copper plating on the fan speed control has worn off and I need to replace it.
I just recently had the o2 sensor and main sensor replaced. this is the first time this has happened.
Put the vehicle in park, go to turn the vehicle off....but the key won't go into the off position (can't get key out of ignition)!! Have to keep turning the tumbler back and forth a bunch of times really fast.

Is it the ignition switch??
Brakes lights are working, car starts ok
replace fuel pump one year ago.
It idles fine
It idles fine
Does the shift gear cable nned to be replaced?
My bravado is now shaking n shimmering whether I first start it n idle or whether I am driving it . It seems as I am driving like something is boggin it down as I am axle rating . Could this be a fuel filter or fuel pump problem since I have to run ethanol10% in it ? Or what ? It has 218,000 miles on it
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