Oldsmobile Bravada Questions

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they wouldn't turn off the 30miles way home, next day when turning on car, they would still run even with the switch turned off. So, I pulled the fuse. There was no code. What should I do??
Service AWD Brake and Abs lights all on no speedometer. Replaced all speed sensors and front hubs. Any ideas?
Went out right at the beginning of winter. It came back on a couple of days later then went out and never came back on after that. A little bit of hot air comes out of the vents.
my car wont start, it acts like it wants to but it wont kick. ive tried the 10-15 min wait to restart it but it still wont work. is there any ways i can do something myself instead of bringing it to a dealership.??
Code is B0017. Passenger front deployment loop open.

Any recommendations to repair?
This truck will not start after sitting a while. Fuel pump runs a few seconds when you turn on the switch, but will not start. Sometimes after trying 30 or more times, t will start. It will always start if I put a little fuel in the throttle body. Truck runs just fine after it starts. I have changed the fuel filter, but no help.
is there a way to release it and how.
Just replaced ignition switch and now the airbag light is on
I bought this vehicle only to find the front driveline had been removed. Upon installation, the vehicle lunges while turning, sometimes actually laboring to move forward or back while turning the wheels one way or the other. Moving forward it seems o.k.
Changed coil,cap,rotor,ignition control module,plugs,plug wires.
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