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My security light flashes every time I try to start the car...from what I have researched , the problem is the VATS, PASSLOCK, OR PASSKEY, OR do I need to replace the ignition lock cylinder due to broken wires inside steering column. I need to know which PASSLOCK system is to my make and model, and the step by step if how to manually uninstall the security system. I have no money to pay anyone to fix this kind of issue. The "brain" of the car isin the passenger side floor in a sip
A ziplock bag, which the factory dealer installed since it got wet from a leak in the windshield. I have had this problem ever since, and GM REFUSES ZTO TAKE THE FALL. THERE SHOULD BE A class action lawsuit against them, considering how many thousands of people's lives this EXACT issue has affected. What do I do? My boyfriend recently hooked up speaker wires and an amplifiervwithamplifier WITH many unnecessary wires hanging out all over. Couldn't this be affecting it as well? Please help me.....this happens daily every time I try n start the car...diagnostic codes are 58 or48
the buttons on the bottom row are all dead
The transmission died. I'm having a used transmission with 44K miles on it put in. Is it a wise move?
Car died while driving would not restart change timing chain test spark and fuel I have it it sounds like no compression 1999 3.4 Alero no light come on no codes
Rust color in the cooling system
While cars in park neutral or drive sitting still oil light comes on once moving goes off I've checked the oil not burned not low what are my options
Just seemed to stop running the power steering fluid through and actually presses through the cap after heating up. I dont see any movement as to show it trying to suck down, (no movement in fluid) is there a pump accessable to replace? Also there dont seem to be any kinks or leaks.
The stereo/climate control wire harness was plugged back in, with the battery connected. everything digital quit on both stereo and climate control, but manual knobs still work. (tuner/volume/vent and fan knobs)
Is there supposed to be clear brown silicone on the A terminal on blower motor resistor on 2001 Oldsmobile alero
How can I get my window up temporarily until I have the money to fix it?
does not work on ac,hot or coldselections nor on windshield defrost, floor, this just happened today 12/1/2016
Check engine light came on with an evap code (leak). I can hear the fuel pump come on (buzzing) when I try to start the car. I twisted the gas cap and clicked it 5x after filling it. Next day it wouldn't start. The car didn't give me any problems except for the check engine light. Check engine light came on once before and turned off after a few days. This time it came on, got a diagnostic next day, I wouldn't drive it, went to fill up gas tank and 3rd day it wouldn't start.
Back fires spits poofs sputters while trying to crank it but wont start ..what is the problem with my car
May be slight noise when wheel is turned
Just bought keep cutting off and the fuses keep blowing out on different things
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