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i just need to know what's wrong asap and how much to fix it

When I switch from park to drive, it revs up like I am in park, my car moves a little bit when I do it but I do not want to blow up my engine, what could it be?

Car was fine till battery was change tryed 10mint fuel filter new fuel pump does turn on going crazy what now

Just check and want to know how much it will cost and can you check my engine and change my oil, check vechicle light and trac light is on I have brand new breaks on my car

i just need the cost of the work that is needing to be done to the named veh.

It starts up good it powers up I can drive it but when it gets really hot out it starts making that ticking noise

Seemed to lose power and died. The service engine soon and the trac off light both came on. The car did restart but when I turned the air on it stalled and died again. Both lights also stayed on. Please help.

If I give it gas it will start and as long as I keep my foot on the gas pedal it will continue running but soon as I take my foot off the pedal it cuts off.

When I bought the car from the small car lot, the man hooked up an expensive looking gadget and charged the a/c. It worked for a few weeks and then just stopped cooling. The fan blows hot air and I cannot feel or hear the a/c pump engage.

2.2 4cyl auto overdrive

Went to gas station half less than 1/4 tank pump will only put in a dollar worth of fuel. Gas is sitting in filler tube.

I was told it could be the gasket. I was also told that it could be the water pump cuz the coolant ain't pumping through when the car is turned on. I don't wanna be spending money on the wrong problem so I need a lititle information before doing so also I live pretty far from a auto shop so I really can't drive it anywhere til I find out what's wrong with it.

Car is over heating can't find leak??

Noise doesn't happen from start up, only when I start driving, progressively speeds up with acceleration. Replaced cv half shaft, bearings are good, clicking is same as driving and thru corners..consistent. more pronounced in the cab of the vehicle..sounds like it's coming from the occasional ocd is driving me mildly crazy not knowing..any info would be greatly appreciated.

This was the first time the horn went on by itself.
The turn signals have not been working consistently for months.

Shaking ever since I've had it which as been about 2-3 years and has 149,745 miles on it and 1 1/2-2 months ago it started making slight clanking noises when engine is reved or while driving.

The ignition and where the key goes is super glued and it's at Bob's towing and it needs a new ignition and key so we can get out of there

How much should it cost to replace the Multi Function Switch on my 2003 Oldsmobile Alero? My turn signals occasionally won’t work (often in bad weather). The Chevrolet Dealer gave me a quote of $700. Is it time consuming to do or are the parts expensive?

I drive it to the store the night before the snow hit and it started just fine. I went back out a couple of days later when the snow started to go away to start it and go to the store but all it does is crank, it won't start and I checked the starter and fuses and spark plugs and there all fine. What could be the problem?

In neutral its just a little vibration , but when in drive it shakes pretty bad , thr motor mounts look ok amd intact , there is a hissing sound coming from underneath , could this be a small vacuum leak and that is the reason for shaking?

I just had a mechanic replace my radiator and fuel pressure regulator on my 2001 Oldsmobile Alero GX, 2.4l engine. After he was done, the speedometer gage is now stuck past 140 mph. It was perfectly fine until yesterday. Car has 369742 miles. If it is a broken gage, how difficult is it to fix it myself. How much to get it fixed. Thanks for your help with this sudden frustrating situation.

This usually happens when making a turn and in the winter months. I took this in for the key fob recall, but it still loses power while driving and the steering wheel locks up. Any ideas I fear for my life if this were to happen on the freeway. The other day I was going 65 mph onto an exit ramp...

I started it today in the cold to thaw the Windows...ran for about ten minutes and cut off. Tried starting and not even a click or crank...literally zero power. What could it be???