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Had faulty ignition bought new ignition switch and cylinder reinstalled and broke park lock cable in reassemble. Car turns over but won't start also noticed I blew the 30? Or 40? Amp fuse labeled ign.
I decide to replace the cables to see if that could be a cause of the car dying after running a bit. the car would start before, but now will crank, but wont start. I cant tell if I have good connection with cables due to that stupid cover plate with the sensor box.
The window came off track . I can hear the track running up and down , power windows , and I want to put it back on track
water leaks out next too the hose that connect into radiator when i put Coolant or Water in It. I dont know what it is i need help please ? anyone know whats going ?

How can i change the ignition switch without having the keys
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