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disconnected the battery during another repair and now it shifts hard first to second. will it relearn the shift patterns?

do this at all ?

until i take off. what causes this to happen?

I am also getting the code for random misfires. I cannot go above 45 mph and have no power to accelerate. When I attempt to force acceleration the car over heats. I have replaced the spark plugs and all the coils are firing just fine. I have also replaced the ERG valve. None of this has solved the problem. If the ERG valve is new what is making it stay open? Could it be an electrical problem?

Have a 2001 Olds Alero Sedan, GLS, 3400, with 114,000 miles. Bought it used in October 2012 from a local GM Dealer. Have had no problems or issues until late April 2013 when the thing just shut off going down the road. Pulled off to the side, put it in Park, cranked it over, and it took right off - thought it was weird! About a week later, same thing happened, but this time I noticed the Tach went crazy, some hesitation in the engine, and then shut off. It has done this now close to a dozen times, sine late April, and thought it may need a tune-up! Replaced air filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, and cleaned out the throttle bottle in mid May 2013, as the wires, and forward O2 sensor appear to have been replaced prior to this. It ran great for about a week, now it's back to its old tricks! If I noticed one thing, it seems to do it more often on warm or hot days, especially with the A/C kicked on. Almost acts as if it's got a mnd of its own, and saying, "OK, I need a little breather here as I'm hot and just need a break for moment!" Since it seems to be fine in cold, cool, or warm weather, but acts up on hotter days, I'm wondering if it could be the 'Crankshaft Sensor'?

Of course, it could be a number of issues, but seeing as I get 'NO' Check Engine or Service Engine light, or any other indicators for that matter, and it's start right back up with no problem, I just wondered if on those hot days it doesn't know what to do with the build-up of heat under the hood, or in the engine, and the electronic system is telling it to shut down as a safety precaution?

Scratching my head on this one!

Thanks for any help,

Al D.

But had it checked

I have an olsmobile 2003 alero, and my mechanic said these parts are required, also a valve cover gasket, and fuel pump.

work. all the fuses door panel and under hood have been checked.

Everything turns on but the engine. Any ideas what could be causing this?

While driving my "Track Off" light came on and a few seconds later the engine lost power and then died. It would restart but would not run, and the "Track Off" light was still on, had it towed home and this a.m. it would not start at all.

gf drove awhile with e brake on now front left tire makes grinding sound when driving.broke two wheel studs removing the tire and seems brake shoe is is sealed against the rotor should the rotor turn with e brake on and on jack stands

I recently purchased an Alero. The car keeps overheating. I have replaced the radiator, coolant resevoir tank and has a new thermastat. I am constantly pouiring antifreeze in the coolant tank. There are no leaks. The car goes nearly two blocks then overheats. I wait five minutes then release the pressure from the coolant tank then go another two blocks. I was told to bleet(?) it but that part(?) is missing. Any idea what I need to replace at this point? Any insights are helpful. Thank you.

was told that it was the starter module. where is it located and how do you replace it

waterpump went a year ago. I just keep adding coolant as necessary. 2 days ago my girlfriend called saying it just died while driving it. I used my Arkansas TowTruck (Tempo & TowStrap) & dragged it home.I cleaned the terminals and charged the battery. She started it (against my advise) and drove it 10 miles. did her thing for an hour and drove home. She put it back on the charger so I wouldn't know. She drove today 10 miles and it died while driving it. waited 10 min, jumped it, drove 5 miles & died again! Electrical? or Sensor when hot?

The car is leaking gas at the canister purge vent

A clicking like the turn signal clicking comes and goes at different frequencies but the lights don'e flash when this happens. The turn signals themselves work correctly. Any ideas?

Relaced pass lock and will not reset. The security light stays on even after 10 minutes.

my 2000 Alero is leaking coolant from the manifold gasket i have been informed this is a common GM problem...what is the labor hours charged and average cost for this repair???

hazard switch clicks nonstop, stops briefly sometimes, doesnt turn any lights on while clicking, only when i activate the turn,then it clicks normal, when no turning or hazard, it clicks randomly again. i replaced the hazard switch, same thing with new switch,hope its not the multifunction switch, thats about a 180 dollar part,bad contacts in multifunction switch? bad wires? what do you think

just replaced the Battery and now the tachometer, speedometer and fuel along with the temp are not working. all of the idiot lights come on when you turn on the key and the lights and turn signals work.

What are the systems connected TRAC OFF? ... Why do I have when it comes to the fuel tank 1 \ 2?

what is a trans sensor and where is it located. 2004 olds alero sometimes doesnt start in park but after jiggling or moving the gear shift from park down and back to park will start in neutral sometimes in park . some one suggest possible trans sensor is going bad. need to know where it is located. and what it is.

When the temps are below 40degrees, it doesn't want to start. we have to keep the rpm's up to 2000 until the temperature gauge reaches half, and then power shift it to start. Then runs rough for another mile or two..then it's fine! have replaced fuel injector, and coolant temp. sensor. have replaced fuel pump system. Out of ideas here! My daughter needs her car to RUN! Help please!!

We live in the desert and there is sand in my headlights . How do you take them apart to clean the inside.. there is a dirty film on the inside makes it hard to see at night

If I put it in neutral it will start sometime if park fails . If that doesnt work I take it from park to 3rd a couple of times or jiggle the gear shift ( it is automatic) it will start.If the car is warm from heat or sun, it almost always does not start.We have changed the neutral saftey switch. Did not fix the problem

Service vehicle soon light, anti lock brake lights on

on start up everything will work for about 30 sec.

I do not see in the maint manual where it suggests changing the timing belt @ 70,000 miles

i also changed the water pump and car still over heating some white smoke coming out of tailpipe assume bad head gasket so i bought some head gasket sealant still over heating but now we noticed the fans are not coming on until the car is actually over heating or not at all so i am curious if anyone knows how to wire up a toggle switch directly to fans any help would be great thank you, please note that this car broke after just 1 1/2 wks of putting money down on this car had not even made a first payment... now the gentlemen at the car lot say we will fix and add it to your bill ha ha ha... looks like we got scammed good i do think what about you...



I was told the engine needs to be replaced there is oil all over around and I was offered a 85,000 engine for 600.00 aproximately