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I know it's not the battery, alternator, starter or solenoid I had them checked at Auto Zone. someone said it could be the fuel pump. What else could it be? I need to find someone to fix it & I don't want to have to pay for 20 different things.

What makes the blinkers,power door locks, power sliding rear doors and radio quit working all at the same time on a 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette mini van

Was thinking I should have got s key made from the original ignition unbutton after I lost the key. Wonder if I can use a toggle switch it.

I only start hearing a noise from the left front wheel of car. Sounds like a
rubbing noise that changes in pitch. I took off hubcap , but I still get noise.
It only makes noise after a short time of driving. I have front wheel drive, could this be wheel bearings?

There are exhaust issues. I've run a new flex tube from front to back and it's still loud and now there's this loud vibrating noise under the floorboard when I accelerate. The trans shifts smooth and engine runs great so I can't figure out what this noise is. Any suggestions?

Where are the oxygen sensors ?

Recently my car was driving fine until the other day. I went to back out of a parking stall, which it backed up fine; but when I shifted down to drive, it wouldn't go nowhere. I then shifted back to reverse and again did just fine. I never had any problems before that. Tranny fluid is fine and full.

Cant find fuse location for my cruise control

My car starts up and runs fine for a min then starts to idle rough then idles fine again I put it in gear and go for a bit then it cuts out and dies it will start right back up but then dies again when I push the gas. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, and spark plugs after the car was sitting for 4 years I am not sure what else it could be

The starter hangs up after its running ?

when putting gas in the car

Jumped start battery dead. Filled radiator turned key the water in radiator shoots straight up in the air. Never saw anything like that. Had a lot of cars overheat. The car had not been started in eight months.

Will not idle

Trying to find out why my windows & door locks don't work

What should we check

there is a high pitch squealing sound coming from under hood

whether idling or going down the road for this whole last week, I've never had problems before with this and I've had the car over a year.

I can let it run a half hour to try to warm up and then drive it and the temperature gage doesnt move and my heater blows out cold air.

All ether functions work

Just seemed to stop running the power steering fluid through and actually presses through the cap after heating up. I dont see any movement as to show it trying to suck down, (no movement in fluid) is there a pump accessable to replace? Also there dont seem to be any kinks or leaks.

when i drive my car runs great goes down the road fine but when i stop after it warms up the car will die when i come to a stop but the motor will start right back up when i put it in gear the motor will die again till it cools off the it will go down the road just fine again.

It smells like it's hot but the overflow is still full but I've had to add to the radiator.

It was working fine and I did not see check engine light on. I stopped at a store. Got back in and drove a few blocks. The engine just stopped and the check engine lights came on.

Can't get tail lights or any interior lights power locks and windows to work gauge lights don't work odometer lights up as do head lights and brake light and turn signals

This is the first time it's happened I have had the car about a year now

I just want to know y my radio and clock are no longer coming on is it a fuse or what

I have changed several things on my 1998 olds bravada. Fuel pump ,fuel filter, spider injector, computer (brain), map censer,distribution cap and rotor. Now it will start but won't stay running. What do I need to do? Help please.

Used to have a schematic/diagram I found on line - can't find it anymore - of 2002 Old Intrigue Smog Pump - numbered parts - detailed diagram - can anyone find it and help ? Would be grateful - do not have manual, etc.

When I turn off the a/c the car will drive great

Can't see on the dash or outside with the plinkers. Seatbelt light goes on and off even when buckeled. Please help.