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Believe losing fluid til a point when LOUD noise turning steering
Red light comes on showing picture of a low liquid. The picture is next to the low oil light. What is this red light?
Back turn signals just blink super fast, but in front it lights up but stays solid.
average repair cost to fix it . Relay is ok
Have a 2002 bravada Oldsmobile straight 6 why is engine light not coming on? Why is code reader showing nothing wrong. When brakes applied and vehicle in drive and you start to accelerate it has good power does not miss and has strong steady pulling power. If you quickly shove accelerator down to pass vehicle engine has extremely good power and not missing but driving on the highway and there is a slight hill and excelerator is maybe 1/4 way down and vehicle starts to lug or motor starts to come under slightest load and you have execelerated steady in the same position rpm might run 12-1500 motor has a vibration you can feel it on the steering wheel and through out the vehicle you can also tell the sound of motor is running tough while keeping the engine under a very slight load the vehicle sometimes starts hitching missing in and out feels like it is going to stop on highway. Then you accelerate quickly and then Vehicle seems to have good power and does not miss. When vehicle is runni
I can get it to bleed an run right for a couple days then i have steam vapers in my radiator. Changed thermostat flushed heater core checked for leaks cant find any.dont have a clue where to start next
The loss of power steering just happened last night. So did the charge light.
How to reset cuise control
Disconnect cruise control
When i back up THE brake lights won't come on i changed the brake light sensor and the fuse what can i do to get them to work
I have all most every thing new on car , I just did control arm . I NOTICE THAT THE FRAME IS RUSTED CAN I REPLACE THAT.also the sway bar broke theistill 3/4 left is it safe,i don't see any problem driving car I have drivers side with the links on it
It's not alternator if I disconnect the plug on battery volt light comes on but charges fine . When pluged in volt go up to 17 - 18 - 19 where is regulator located ? What's it look like?
turing rite the vehicle makes popping noise I change cv axles left and right
Its the factory stereo/cassette. The power comes on, and nothing else. The cassette will only eject, the power antenna will not engage.
It works when it wants to. Replaced the turn signal unit, the right side will blink 4 times and quit, left side will not work at all. 4 way flashers work fine. If I turn the left side on and off by hand it will work once and quit.
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