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When I start my veh. and start driving it goes into high gear like 3rpm or 4 rpm whatever that is when its is suppose to be in 2 at a speed of 30mph. It eventually shifts out but very slowly and it does not accelerate correctly unless Im already driving at a high speed. The odometer reads 255530 something but the engine wasvreplaced and only has about 150000 miles on it or less. It does this very often to the point I dont frive on interstate because of the lack of acceleration. Is this something that can be fixed without a hefty mechanic bill. Please help?
3.3l v6 Nissan Xterra
I have replaced the cap and rotor, plugs and wires. What else can cause this? Thank you!!!
keeps dying when you put foot on gas and has problems starting
My Xterra revs up for no reason while driving it on days that it I could go to three days driving it it doesn't do it then I could drive to three more days and it will rev up at any speed that I'm going for no reason and it's jerk s A little when it does that
When I start the engine in the morning I hear a rattling noise from the front of the engine. Oil level and belts are OK.
we ran bad gas in it had water in it cleaned it put fresh fuil cleaned the injectors replaced starter could it of clogged the catylac converters
It warms up, then strarts to sputter. When it sputters the lights dim. I had a few codes for crankshaft sensor and knock sensor replaced both including everything on top of engine. Still same problem. Replaced fuel pump and filter. Plugs wires battery battery posts. Checked fuses for most part but I don't know if there are some I might be missing. Any ideals might help!!! Please any!!
Changed alternator on my 2ooo xterra v6 4x4 now it wont shift gears .i was told it was in limp mode .how do i get it out of it
i was told the TCU in my Xterra is bad but i have no idea what it looks like or how to order a new one.
It was driving fine and when I sat in park for a few minutes and then started to drive again it would only go 10 mph
My oil reader goes down when i come to a complete stop,and when i drive it,it will come back Up to the middle.
Can the cross bars be mounted upside down ?
Does it require to removal of the cross bar end clamps ?
When i turn the key to start the car there is nothing,lights come on but nothing happens when i try to start it
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