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i can dirve arround town okay but when i get on the freeway for 10 to 15 min it gets hot, it starts to cool down if i turn the heater on i also checked the thermastat but there wasnt one there could that be the problem

changed fuel pump and checked filter it will run if u spray flood in it and dies when u stop or try and give it there any way to check and see if the injectors are getting pressure? also the fuel gauge isn't workin now after i changed the pump. would that matter?

have a nissan exterra 2007 58000 miles crank no start checked 4 spark no spark what do i check next? checked all fuses.

I've just replaced the long drive shaft before that

Prior to that, I just got my long shaft replaced at a workshop

Gas hand work sometime and sometime it doesnt

Keys out some lights stay on also the oil light,check engine light

reset. now sometimes will not start. other times stalls

it's not a problem, it's just a question

This only iccurs at this speed and usually downhill or flat road.

Had tune up February 2012. Are there recalls about this problem? Truck purchased at Nissan dealer. Is this the best place to have it repaired (cost).

When first accelerating, there is a rattling noise, similar to vavles ratting, sounds like underneath the front

my xterra just quit and wont fire , changed car and rotor it started but died again and wont start also timing belt was just changed about 2500 miles ago any ideas.

does anyone know where the ambient air temperature is located on a 02 xterra

Need help in getting vehice started. open to all suggestions. no cloggin in fuel filter, fairly new battery, connections to battery warning lights on. i was just driving about 65mph and it just stalled out. No warning or no prior warnings/activity. changed distributor/and plugs. engine turns over but it s not igniting.

replaced the fuel pump and still nothing

how much it will cost to fix it?

2002 Nissan Maxima, it has dtc c1111. as soon as you take your foot off the gas all 4 wheels will stop

My car was recently in the shop to have the transmission replaced after coolant leaked into the transmission from the radiator. I can't remember if it made this noise before the transmission blew up on the freeway but the transmission shop told me about it when they brought it back. The car sat inactive for about 6 weeks and I replaced the radiator myself to save costs. I just got it back a couple days ago and the screeching noise is really loud when I accelerate. It sounds like its coming from one of the pulleys on the serpentine belt.

I have replaced master 3x and slave 2x in last 6 months.

Oil leak showing on undercarriage. Diagnosed with valve cover gasket problem.

Was driving on the highway and truck started to sputter and hesitate.. could barely go 5 mph... Idles fine but give it the gas and it sputters..

is the starter hard to get to on a 2009 nissan xterra.

I had to have the timing belt and water pump replaced after my Nissan broke down, but now the engine idles very rough. I took it for diagnostics and the guy said it was multi cylinder misfire, I believe it was code 0303. I'm worried that I bent a valve when the timing belt broke. The timing belt/water pump repair cost $700. I know nothing about cars. Could it just need to have the timing adjusted?

Where can I find drive cycle routine for a nissian xterra.

I had to have my timing belt replaced in my 2004 Nissan Xterra and now the motor runs just terrible and the engine light comes on. I'm sure I have a bent valve. If I have to replace the engine, do I also have to replace the transmission? I know nothing about cars. The "service engine soon" light blinks when its idling and stays on when you drive any length of time. Sometimes it goes off. the mechanic charged me $650 to replace the timing belt and water pump. I'm scared of getting ripped off again.

I just bought it in July 2010, so I have no service records. The brakes seem to work OK, then the other dy I needed to avoid a cat crossing the road and when I slammed on the brakes, the went "squishy", but worked. Just not as fst as I would have thought they would. The service manul says to ignore the ABS light, because it will go off and on all the time, which mine does. In december the mechanic who changed my oil told me I needed to rbing it in to have the brakes worked on. How can I know when to do this? Thanks in advance for your prompt response...

Cause I drove into a parking lot, a check engine light came on and it died.
Scanned for codes. 2 came up as interesting. 1)Knock sensor 2)Camshaft sensor.
What would have to be replaced on the car?

Its a 2wd and its burning gas like crazy.

Started after I changed the spark plugs. The engine idles down intermittently and shudders slightly like it is going to shut off.