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Rpms drop to below 600 car will vibrate and has an audible loud humming to it.
The car has been running fine until i tryed to start the car this morning. All it does is cranks.
New manifold exhaust seal installed last week. On the interstate the car just shut down suddenly. Battery's good n the starter too fuel pump is working fine too. Still won't turn the motor over
Seems every time it rains the car develops and annoying tone. It's a constant tone not, the alarm that the car is not in park or the lights are on. A constant high pitch tone that can be heard up to some distance away. I saw on another site that someone asked the same question but not here. Any ideas?
This problem is all the time. Started 3 years after I bought it. Also, it has a feature that if you leave your keys in the car, the car won't lock. That feature also does not work. I have no codes and have no idea what is wrong.
Now car won't start, Dash lights are on and when I turn the key I hear a click, but car doesn't turn over.
Car runs OK seems to be no problems, hoevere the light will not go out.
I just got a oil change last Saturday and I've already burnt half my oil.
if it isnt the fuse what would the problem be and how do i repair it
Just started last night how much might this type of repair cost muffler? Possibly just loose? 100k miles
Louder than normal idling, rattling somewhat as well.
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