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After loss of power I pull over turn it off. Restart then it moves again normal. Then losses power again.

All of my brake lights are out.

Kia Rio Lx with 52000, very good condition
Versa 2009 with 65000, very good condition
Advice on maintenance and repair costs.
Advice on extended warranty
Thank you

just splitters after about 3or4 seconds of running then acts as it loses pressure or something, can someone send me in the right direction

but check the pressure it is about 50lbs. Mechanic ran scanner on it an it showed no codes. This is our only car sweater desperate. The church engine light has been on for 2dys

how much will work cost
what services are performed

It is a standard transmission.

Car sat overnite, wouldnt turn over to start, PS light came on.
shut car off . waited 5 min. restarted no problem no PS light.
what would be the cause? an how expensive is it. I have only had the car 3 yrs.

Sevice writer said drain and refill every 15000 miles.

My car wont go into the lock position to remove the key. We have tried everything. Lock smith says he can get it out but if its the shifter cable that it will do the same thing when i put the key back in. But the indicator on the dash shows the car in the park position? So i dont know what to do and i dont have money to waste getting both fixed if both doesnt need to be fixed help

The shop I go to quoted me 4,000 to fix. My friend can get me parts from the junkyard. My question is Is replacing the the whole fuel injection system via junkyard part going to be cheaper and is it going to be worth it in the long run?
p.s. I still owe a little over 7,000 on the car, only had 2 years and it was driven without oil. My credit is bad so I can't use it as a trade in.

The bushings are worn out and the whole x-member moves-floats when braking or turning left or right. No one seems to know how or where to get these bushings? Help!!

2014 nissan versa sv makes short screeching thunk sound when started and transmission is in park. Is transmission problem?.

Over heats on the high way, if I slow past 60 the temp light shuts off
I checked and coolant is full ????? Please help what could it be?

Only tires on if I hit a big bump or if I tap on the the side of the floor board

When I make a full stop car will not go. I have to pull over shut the car off the turn it back on and it will go with no problem. There is no check engine light on.

Not too sure why this happens. I'll be driving like normal and the tire light will do what I described in the question. It does go away after a minute or so.

Son-in-law jumped me off (Ford F-150), cranked right up and I let car idle 15-20 minutes. Asked wife to go out and cut it off. She did and tried to re-crank, nothing. She has Honda and tried to jump, Versa would barely turn over but would never crank. Took battery to Advance Auto, battery is fine (13.1).

Came home, re-installed battery, now all I get is continuous clicking when key is turned. All fuses at bsttery terminal are intact. This would be the starter, correct? Cannot find anything on web on how to change starter in this type of vehicle. I've changed starters in other cars.

I can feel the cold air when I put my hands up to the vents, but the fan will not come on anymore. On the last day that it was working, I had to have it turned on high, and it was kind of speeding up and slowing down. Does anyone know how much this kind of repair will cost?

My versa accelerates on its own. Rpms go up and down in park and neautral. I've replaced mass air flow sensor. 02 air/fuel ratio sensor. New spark plugs and oil change. None of this helped.

I steam cleaned the carpet in my Versa. A week later while driving about ten miles fire came through the front passenger side carpet. I stopped and poured some bottled water on it. It stopped burning. After a few minutes I tried to start it and it started fine. I checked lights, radio, horn etc and everything worked. Should a fuse have blown first to prevent an electrical fire? I lifted the carpet and saw the end of a connection to a wiring harness was darkened from fire. Should the mfr pay for this repair since no fuse blew to prevent this?

Does a 2014 Nissan versa model have a fuel filter

every other time i go to take off, it just barely moves in forward or reverse. acts like gas pedal isn't hooked up. turn key off and start again and it will take off like nothings wrong put it in neutral and revs right up other times rpms just barely go up. any ideas out there whats going on with it? Had 420 code come on about a week ago hasn't come back on since.

steering very heavy at low speed