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Versa Note features an underbody spare ( compact ),which is under the car on a rack. My question, I would just like to place it in the trunk: rear interior spot in hatch, but how do I secure it?

My reasons are numerous. The procedure to get tire off hook and rack is elaborate & extensive, ( Just ask) so would rather just put in "hatch" ( also dirt in wheel, hub & snow is an issue). I am just an all thumbs elder gal.

Thank you !
The summary said “severe”. I’m going to have oil changed before I take to dealer for a diagnostic. It has 44000 Miles & only had car 3 months. ML light is on. Can’t really notice any difference in driving, but only gone very short distances over the 2 Days that Light has been on. Had oil checked and it was full.
When my car gets to 3000 rpm it fluctuates up and down while in freeway and when u let go of gas pedal it drops to 2000 rpm ..check engine light came on
I just hear a clicking noise when I turn the key. All the lights come on, so I don't think it's the battery. Would it have something to do with the starter?
Key warning light blinks in yellow after the car is shut down
I removed the light and clipped it to a 9 volt battery and it lights up but will not come on when plugged into the car and break pedal is pressed. So I figure there's a short somewhere or I have a burned fused. None of the manuals that came with the car tells which fuse powers anything.
When I go 2 miles over the posted speed limit, it comes over the radio telling me that I am going over the speed limit. Is there a way to turn this off? I do not speed excessively, but do not see a problem with 4mph over the limit, and this warning is annoying.
I hit a rock wall, while sliding on ice on the driveway. I do not know anything about cars.
Just started happening
At highway speeds (70 and above) will not "gear down" as tachometer stays between 3.5 and 4. Does not feel right as engine seems to be working too hard.
It is hard to describeit can be anytime, when I am applying the brakes they make this strange noise and then lock and unlock. If I am on the ice the car won't stop? Does anyone know that this problem is? Thank you.
Turned into dealer to test. THEY CANNOT DUPLICATE ISSUE AND GAVE IT BACK TO ME. I have had this issue four 6 times. Some serious long delay's with peddle to the metal. I reported this to NTSB web site another Watch Dog site. I found out this is not an isolated issue. It has to do with the newer CVT system on all models and Nissan corp. is ignoring it. Your site does not show issues. What should I do. I talked to some service reps and they say even if they duplicate the problem he said all they would do is check fluid levels and not supposed to do any more. Its Nissan Corp. who makes the call to fix it. I purchased a 100,000 mile repair agreement. Please give e some advice.
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