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how much will cost me labor & parts to put up a used transmission with 21,000 miles in to my Nissan Sentra 2013
And more press down on the accelerator the sound got worst than it stop than i put in park the motor sound different and the tire wasn't low either
my windshield wipers stopped working while it was raining. i can hear the motor turning something but it doesn't grab the wipers. any ideas?
I've replaced spark plugs and wires, maf sensor,o2 sensor upstream and cleaned the throttle body and replaced the ecu I did the idle relearn multiple times and still seams to have the same problem...seams to run ok after replacing the items at first but then it comes back ...I'm lost
I've changed plugs 3 times within the last 6 months.
Both parents need to be replaced I need to see how much it would cost to fix it
The boot and shifter are fine but the small clips that snug the boot into the console snapped off and the boot falls down into a gapping hole
Hello everyone and thanks for your time. For a couple years now I've been having issues keeping my car running if its colder than say 30ish. If its down in the teens like it has been lately I have to keep it at around 2000rpm to keep it from dying. Holding my foot on the gas the whole time I drive even when I hit a light. Within bout 10 min of driving it runs great. All summer it runs great as well. I might add it always starts right up cold unhappy or not but when its cold it struggles to stay running. Any points I can go after? Hopefuly a cheap and easy fix but sometimes I'm not that lucky... Have a good one amd thanks again
The one that I can see in there is stainless woven tightly. Is that stock? And if so will it be a big deal getting one that's not woven s.s.? Thanks in advance n thanks
Sentra E 13 inch tires and 1.6 engine
1.6 engine ... have taken cluster out and cleaned all contacts.... I`m clueless .
Just buy it is Runn and and load it to trailer to off load is not start I buy use computer it runn for 3 minutes,and short down again
Have to take the key out and out it close to the button and push on breaks and it will start, but today its not starting at all.
Had car cranked and turned it off upon trying to start it back up the steering column was locked. It will turn right towards the bad strut but not left.
Check engine light does not come on and I have 62000 miles. What is the cost to repair? Thanks
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