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2.0 , CVT,
When on the highway the sound is like the car is idled but it's not. The sound stops when I turn the corner. Could this be the wheel bearing or do I just need a new set of tires?
I recently got a new starter and timing chain. Usually in the mornings or at night after not driving for some time (5+ hours) the car will not start the first time after you crank it. Usually it takes a few times in order for the engine to start. Started happening recently. All of the lights work and the AC and radio turn on, but the engine doesn't and the battery light turns on along with the oil light.
I went to AutoZone to get my car checked because the service engine soon light had turned on so before that they told me to change the oil because that maybe why the light turned on did that , and still was the same so they checked my car with there computer and it said that the Crankshaft Position Sensor had failed and was bad. So I changed it as soon as I bought it and drove for 5min. And it still kept cutting off and loosing force after I cranked it 3 times till it turned on.
my car will be going down the road and stall and the check engine light will come on and it will say camshaft position sensor bank one or signal sensor a. and i saw that my distributer cap was cracked.
FYI: I park straight. My stirring wheel is never turned "LOCKED" when I park. This has been happening for awhile here and there. When the steering wheel is not locked and I can't turn the key ignition, I intentionally lock the steering wheel on purpose. I try the "jiggling" method with the steering wheel. Sometimes it works right away. Sometimes I will be in the car for like 5 minutes or so holding down the brakes as well. I also try moving the car from the outside up and down. What might be the problem?
the brake lights are working properly
When I press the power lock button, a loud buzzing sound comes from the passenger side door. It also occurs when I turn the car off and remove the key. What is the problem?
had a blown head gasket cams were not timed properly iwant to retime the chains back to factory specs
Changed cabin filter same results
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