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It will only drive forward
i replaced both camshaft sensors and replaced crank shaft sensor and new battery i seen this problem be asked a lot on here so hopfully it can be solved
switch comes on will not turn starter run wire from starter touch battery cranks and runs good
What can cause this and best guess on cost to fix. Thank you
Thanks Dave J . that's what I was thinking it could be, Drive Axle or Transmission.. Will definitely look at that... Thanks again.
wants to lock up, doesn't want to accelerate pas 30 or 40 miles without rattling shaking. what can it be
Purchased 1 month ago will drive but shakes while driving but when out in reverse won't move at all so can only drive forward.
the lights are not working
Hesistates while driving
Now it want start at all.
It started rough but cleaned terminals started pretty clean but had the same problem later had battery starter and altenator checked everything is good
the front work in the winshield only I field a little air
Feels like it's hard to go over 40mph
Problem just started today I stopped to put gas and now its just not turninh back on
My fuel pump quit twice while I was driving It was replaced but I want to know if it is a problem that will continue.
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