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every bump while I'm turnijg going straight its fine

About once a week, it takes approx 3 seconds before starting. When that happens the oil light comes on for a few seconds. The oil light comes on only while it's trying to start. It always starts eventually and runs well. The rest of the time it starts immediately.

Truck runs great until i go to 2500rpm and the engine sputters. New plugs wires fuel filter dist cap and rotor.

i see ac compressors for sale but no 1994 clutches i believe the bearing is shot

My transmission is going out, needs to be replaced, my friend has a 1996 Nissan truck with bad motor. Will his 1996 transmission fit in my 1995 truck? Are there any differences?

My friends 1990 d21 hardbody runs great when cold but dies when it warms up and won't start again until it cools off

Automatic Transmission

I Overtightened the terminal bolt. I'm worried a heavy bump will cause the terminal bolt to loose contact or worse fall out

I need another spindle for a 1990 nissan d21 pick-up and found a 1995 nissan d21 pick-up at an auto salvage.

i recently had the water pump and fan clutch replaced after overheating. that night it started up right after fixing and ran great. i stopped and turned the truck off and it wouldnt start. the truck sat over night and started in the morning. this was a few weeks ago, last night after work i started it up for about ten minutes and turned it off. came back an hour later and it wouldnt start. battery is fine and is getting good ignition but wouldnt turn. woke up this morning and it started first try. Now, nothing

I have a 4x4 and just wondering if it can fit a 2wd transmission

my TCM unit is not working will this unit i found work?

It happened about 2 yrs ago, and it is doing it again now. It just won't start. Battery and starter and everything else seems to be okay. It started last week and now it is doing the same thing again

Can any parts off of a 95 Nissan pickup fit a 89

came from those black boxes attached to the positice cable at the battery.i have power to light headlights and wipers but truck will not!!1

I replaced the scv solenoid and cleared codes. Started it let it run and warm up. Same issue. Check engine light came back on and same p1130 code. I have cleaned throttle body and maf sensor. Put 2 new O2 sensors in. I have an irregular idle and when motor hits 1700-1800rpm it will cut out like it's hitting a rev limiter. But if I push gas a little more it will run fine. It's just at around 1700rpm it cuts out and will come back. And the irregular idle.

They light on panel about Brake is on

I am looking for a transmission to a 1996 Nissan Pickup and wanted to know if a transmission to a 1990 Nissan pickup would fit?

TPS sensor adjustments.

going down the road you can feel it not shift into the next drive gear like it should. this does not happen all the time.

Shifter stuck in reverse

mi pickup is nissan mod.89 engine z24..automatic. tnk,s..att..pedro..fresno.

i am depressing clutch petal and turning ignition on to start, i am only getting a lot of dashboard lights lighting on.

My engine locked up I need to rebuild it. Where is there a good deal on a engine rebuild kit?

I don't think the transmission went out maybe a relay or something .now it won't go at all

I don't think the transmission went out maybe a relay or something ki

And when it fails it throw a "speed sensor" code . What and where is the speed sensor and what else should I do to fix it?

But it doesn't show on the tac. I've replaced the coil, plugs, wires, cap n rotor button. It's throwing Knock sensor and detonation codes. Starts and runs great other than that. I can feel the miss pretty strongly in the cab. Thank you.

It moves about half way and stops.

Have shifter out won't shift into neutral.