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I don't see a SCV on this engine
Blown head gasket removed thermostat, flushed out coolant system, K&W permanent head gasket &block repair with nanotechnology.
Every time it's driven
Error codes
P0125- insufficient coolant temp
P0450- evaporative emission system pressure sensor/switch
P0446-evaporative emission vent control circuit
I just bought a 1996 Nissan hardbody cheap previous owner said he parked it at home went back a week later and no start I've looked over all the basics won't start even with starting fluid it's not getting spark to the plugs ive never messed with these kinds of trucks my first thought would be coil but this doesn't have one any help is appreciated
my 4x4 wont engauge but the light comes on
How do I find the engine number of my 1990 D21 Nissan? My Chilton book shows a KA24E and a Z24i.
Why wont my my d21 crank I have water and gas mix in block but no sign of water in oil
They are both manual four wheel drive two doors
I change the oil pump three times put a new timing chain new distributor new head which came preinstalled valves engine will not pump or oil
I have no power to my dash when I turn the key no click nothing headlights still work an break lights
Wen i exelerate evenly its fine but wen i put my foot down to the floor wen at idle its got like an hikup before it revs up
My truck idles up and down when setting still and when im driving and have to stop at a stoplight and i push in my clutch the motor goes from 500 rpm to 0 and back and fourth. Im so clueless on what this is help please
1995 Nissan hardbody 2.4l manual trans

Turn key and nothing happens. Battery is good and I get a soft ding when I put the key, but no lights.
My transmission went out and I found a rebuilt transmission. My truck is a 1996 Nissan 2.4l 4x4. And the rebuilt transmission is out of a 1993 2wd with a 2.4l
Floor it and engine rapidly in a cyclic fashion revvs then drops revvs then drops. No power above about 1800 to 2000 rpm. Idles poorly. Please share related conditions and positive cures.
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