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Rebuild the engine 1st time with a used crankshaft oil pressure low when warm up .
2dn time new crankshaft same thing. Both times stared right up.
3rd time replaced with rebuild cylinder heads
No start almost but no. It has fuel pressure but intermittent spark. Check the fuses, relays, replace the crankshaft sensor, checked the cam sensors, check the timing chains, check the flex plate

The hood latch seems to just pop on its own at times, driving or not, just wondering if this could be a short?

The windshield has blotches and they seem to be on the inside. Even scrubbed clean they appear.

When I reach a speed of 45 MPH things seem to shake and it increases as my speed increases.

Just curious about the best battery brand for my car.

It makes a squeaking noise while driving, mainly when you first start going and coming to a stop. It sounds like it's around the tires and it's not an engine issues or belt issue.

After taking the seat out from cleaning under them, the passenger airbag light stays on, even when someone is in the seat sitting.

When the car is running the car with the key is not showing.

I think that what's killing my battery over night

Is. It possible that a linkage clip has come off.

Does it have a flapper motor?

The battery is fully charged. I drove it every where last Friday with no starting issues at all and woke up the next morning and it hasn't started since.

Automatic won't shift from park.

My oil one is broken

I had to replace my rotor, and the guy that did it for me put the bearing and hub assembly wrong, one of the pieces to the hub has broken off, (it look like a washer)but I need to know the correct name so I can buy it.

I've already replace master cyclinder, rotor, brake pads, hose, and I bleed the system several times. What else should I check? Anyone?

I pressed all the peddle put only runs till 10mph

Also replace or vest tube both side are high will not cool.

I check to see if child proof switch was in open position and removed rear armrest and handle bezel to see if I could open door with no success and I cant remove door panel because I cant open door

What /where is the best approach to get the rust taken off and car sealed /painted?

Failed NJ inspection. did not wait long enough after erasing codes. I do not know the drive time or procedure to reset the sensors.

want to the engine firing order

I been having trouble with my car. When im driving i Can Floor The Gas Pedal And The Car Will Not Accelerate And Sometimes Slows. Im driving 70 mph n its on 4 gear. It automatic. I dont know much about car or the car parts name. Hope you understand.

if i use power windows ac breaks or anything electrical the temp gage spikes to hot what is causing the problem ?

When turn key, it makes one click noise. Radio and gauges amd lights come on. Fuses look fine. Where is the starter located to check it?

is it in the remote ?

We have changed the thermostat, fan clutch, water pump, changed the oil and filter and ECT sensor so far. It was pulling a P0217 code until sensor was installed. Now, the service engine light is off, but it keeps running hot. Radiator seems to be ok and there is no leakage found anywhere. What now?

Help me out

Is there a schematic you can share for the 2001 Pathfinder 4wd? I bought it brand new in 1/2001 and have practically all original parts. I'd like to keep it for a while longer. Thanks.

The AC Blows but not cold (I'm sure the compressor isn't coming on). I decided to disconnect the battery just in case the AC problem was an electrical problem and now the vehicle won't start without a jump. It turns over forever but won't crank. Could it be a battery issue?

Wait an hour or 2 then it will restart. Also tried it in neutral same problem.