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Battery good
Had new distributor put on a yr ago and car ran good.
Now it starts and runs good until its warmed up 10-15 min.
Then Stalls.Will start again but keeps stalling.
Then runs choppy and constantly stalls.
I have replaced the front and lower rear control arms on a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder (4x2) - it still feels "mushy" when driving on the freeway, the bumps in the road seem to affect it. Have replaced tires also and had an alignment ("toe" was really bad); would the struts or shocks be the issue?

Any other suggestions for repair?
Middle column that got hot enough to melt floor mat. What would have caused this? 2) why when someone sits in the vehicle for an extended pediod of time (a number of hours) the vehicle wont start? Has occurred multiple times and had battery changed. On one episode there was a clicking noise and some flashing of dash light just before it happened. It does not do this if the engin is running during the time someone sits with the vehicle for an extended period of time.
starter replaced with remanufactored starter and makes high pitch sound everytime I crank my vehicle.
stops running. I can start it up again and it will do the SAME THINGI CHECKED FOR A VAC LEAK Could NOT FIND ONE,put dry gas in tank added stable still the same. HELP
i replaced all my fuses inside my truck and under the hood and still they wont go down .So what do yall think it may be please
It didn't overheat completely. I just had major work done new radiator cad converter all belts hoses replaced etc. Any ideas??? I'm out if town and can't take it to my regular mechanic.
I just bought a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder from a dealership who agreed to replace the radiator after I had done some research on the issue. While waiting for the parts to come I have been driving it around and I can hear what sounds like rumble strips and then a hard downshift. Now I'm afraid that the transmission is already ruined, which is thankfully covered under warranty. My question is once the transmission and radiator is replaced, does this solve the problem? Or are my fellow pathfinder owners still having issues with this after they've been replaced? I only see complaints on websites and not anything about what happens after the problem is "fixed."
Never opens automatically. It will start and stop. Then I have to lift handle and hold until it starts to open on it's own.

Also my 3rd row seat will not go down. Looks like the cable broke inside the handle release. How do they fix thus?
I my self changed the timming belt and waterpump ect, and now it dosent start
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