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Radio and all its buttons are dead, but the amplifier, cassette deck and volume control ON THE STEERING COLUMN (only) are alive. I used them to drive my smartphone music. But I had to pull the fuse because it drains .8 amps with the ignition off. I don't necessarily care about the radio, but would like to use the amplifier/cassette deck for my smartphone.
Maf circuit on idle 1.50 voltage. No change, still smoking.
Stopped shifting when ea-t switch is off.
Driving home from work, heard water pump go out
Changed it and timing belt...timing was off but it ran
Then i readjusted the belt and still cant see the bottom alignment mark to align it with the crank shaft timing sprocket
how can i find where the old mark is supposed to go? The repair manual pic is too small to read and i only found one internet picture a little helpful..
car runs very well, functions perfect but sometimes we not start until after several attempts.
Rpm. The noise is really loud and scary . What could this be ?!
Tested batt/starter good. Was starting fine until pulled starter to replace tranny. Jumped spins but doesn't engage the flywheel. Could it be starer relay
My jeep was working fine and then as i came out the grocery store it wouldn't fire up. I ruled out the battery after i realized all the lights, AC, windows and stereo worked fine. I even tried to jump start it with no luck. I don't even hear the starter trying to work. Checked all my fuses and they seemed fine. My friend suggested that the immobilizer has been activated for whatever reason, which i don't know why cuz i only own original keys. Can somebody please help. I don't want to have to get a tow truck to pull it to the dealership so they can charge me an arm and a leg to get it working in 15 minutes. Heeelllllpppp!!!!!!
Checked fuel lines for leaks can accelerate slowly try to accelerate fast and car will stall hard restart idles fine

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