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the latch will start to open then catch on the back side of the catch. i have tried to move the latch with a screwdriver and taken the back panel off but have not been able to open

I need some insight into what I should actually pay to have my AC compressor, receiver/drier and orifice tube replaced in my 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. One repair shop has quoted me $1800. Is that too much?

the ignition started sticking a couple of days ago. now it will not turn at all and steering wheel is locked

Transmission has been disassembled and problem is with mixing of radiator coolant with transmission fluid causing noises in transmission. shop recommends replacing all internal parts.....any other options?

Pathfinder has 30,250 miles on it, but is almost 11 years old. Car has no problems and runs very well. Do Ineed more than the 30,000 service ?

How can I finder a diagram and instruction to replace the timing belt of my nissan pathfinder?

My cigarette lighter in my 2002 Pathfinder stopped working so i checked under steering wheel (behind change tray) and replaced the fuse. I followed the diagram on back of the change tray so i'm sure i replaced the correct fuse. After doing this, the cigarette lighter still doesn't work... is there another fuse that needs to be replaced? Any other ideas as to what's wrong? Many thanks for any ideas!

I went to the store for about ten min. when I came out my pathfinder started up good no reverse 1995 pathfinder has no reverse has anyone else had this problem? If so how did they fix their problem? All other gears work fine engine runs fine. the pathfinder is a 4x4.

I went to a sttore and was in the store for about ten minutes when I returned I had no reverse. But all the other gears are okay. My email is

The engine light is on, took it to autopart store, they checked with computer , was advise they got codes P1444 and P1404. I don't know what theses codes means and I need to take it for inspecsion. 1998 Nissan Pathfinder. Thanks

When engine ins cold trasmission runs perfect, after running for 20 minutes transmission will strt slipping and rpms on engine go really high ad speed drops to 0. Let engine cool for 20 -30 minites, will start again good and will loose traction again.

I just recently bought a 98 pathfinder LE and need to replace the Vaper Can Vent Valve.
I need help locating where it goes as it did not come with a manual.

thank you

how do I know if 4wheel drive is working? I was told by a repair shop that it wasn't but it does shift into it and light goes on.

What is a fair price for a muffler and tailpipe assembly repair/replacement on my pathfinder?

when repairing a crankshaft pulley do you have to remove any of the coolant system?

its Vibrating and noice when driving speed going to 80 to 100. Its going smooth after 100km. Wheel balanced from the worshop. Please suggest.

what is wrong when light that tells you your fuel is low doesnt come on anymore is it a fuse

The starter is working. The fan and pulleys are turning. The engine won't turn over. Took the distributor cap of and tried the switch, it didn't spin when we turned the key. Is it possible that there is something disconnected in the crankshaft?

I just had over $1100 worth of work done on my 2007 Pathfinder regarding this issue. I am at 66k miles and they told me that if it had been caught earlier, they could have taken care of it at no cost. My problem is, i took my vehicle in at 50823 miles because it was acting weird. If i was at a high speed and i would let my foot off the gas it would sound as if the engine was still reved up for a couple seconds. It kind of seemed like it was taking a couple of seconds for the gears to kick in, if that makes any sense... There was also a high pitched sound the car would make when i would turn it on that would be loud at first but would quiet down but would get loud again once i stepped on the gas. I asked Nissan about that and they told me that it did not have anything to do with the current problem. At the time they told me the noise was normal. I am getting ready to call the corporate office and wanted to see if anyone could tell me if you think this is what the problem was at 58k miles. Thanks for your help

Hello, a mechanic said I need a new tail pipe. The current tail pipe is rusted and hangs low. What would be the cost for a new tail pipe and labor?

Auto tran repair to replace spline gear for a leak? I was told the leak was fluid coming from the top of the tran and being forced thru the wiring. This is their solution to stop the leak. Is this true?

Hey: I was wondering if you have a diagram on how to remove the door panel and sequence on how to. I removed the 2 screws on the door latch bezel and armrest. Used a slim tool to pry open the door panel. I got all around, Something behind the armrest not sure but i see a nut of some sort. Also the lacth bezel not wanting to come out. A diagram and sequence to see whats behind and what needs removing would be greatly appreciated. So far did not break anything
Your truly captssmarcello

Upon start-up about 50% of the time a large amount of white smoke comes out of the exhaust.
After driving about 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile the smoke is is gone.
I've noticed it usually happens when the engine is cold.

Had it tested twice, and unfortunately it did not smoke when tested. Any ideas?

put new fuel pump on will crank and run unless you give it gas then it will die takes 10 to 15 min to crank again samething

I have a 97 nissan pathfinder, 3.3 liter has 137,000 miles.. cranks but doesn't start, has new fuel filter, and i changed the timing belt and water pump at 107 000 miles, i can hear fuel pump hum with key on, I disconnected the line after the fuel pump and is shooting fuel with key on. I used my code scanner and it said camshaft sensor circuit P0340,EVAP SYSTEM P0440 I tested for battery voltage going to distributor connector, where the cam sensor is located when key on and and i get voltage, plus I checked the ground wire of that same connector with an ohms meter to ground and that's good. I'm suspecting either a camshaft sensor or PCM. problem. I'm getting spark to the spark plugs, it starts when I spray a little ether starting fluid in the intake, so i know it's a fuel problem. I've always worked on my own vehicles since working in the auto repair trade for 7 years, back in 1988-95 before switching to the equipment repair trade..

could i be missing something else to test.. before i gamble on buying a distributior, since the camshaft sensor isn't a seperate part and built into the distributor. what's your thoughts.


starts and runs good for a few miles then stalls. i have to wait a while for it to cool down

What would be the cause for the A/T Temp light go on

changed the radiator and exchanger transmission rebuilt had lots of codes now no codes but wont start out in 1st gear any help will be appreciated

When I bought my car, the seller said it would need a new CV boot and it was relatively easy to replace, because he did the driver's side. I have asked several mechanics and they said it's hard to replace the boot w/o replacing the joint. How do I get to the boot/how do I replace it? Am I safe for now to load the cv joint up with grease so I don't end up with serious problems?

I have a pathfinder that has several unresolved electrical problems. Ther is a relay type plug on the passenger side of the engine bay that is not pluged into anything. Is this correct or did someone remove a relay? same with one I saw under the dash on the driver's side. Next, I've had problems with the alarm system. It worked, and then did nothing, worked, and now does nothing. I thought pulling the battery cables for a few seconds would do it, but it doesn't "reset" it. Lastly, I bought replacement horns because the system was messed up. I installed per given instructions. This truck isn't used daily, so when I came to start it 3 days after installing the horns, the battery was dead. I tested the horns alot the day I installed them, but is it possible for a horn to drain the battery? Also, incase the new horn setup is draining the battery, I want to give it power from one of the relays. I need to know what wire on either the main or fuel pump relay sends power out.