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I have a leak onto my driver side floor
just started happening every time let clutch out but not thrush bearing sound
I have a family member that lives in Costa Rica. Parts are hard to find there and have asked me to do research. They are buying a new guage cluster from Canada for a 2000 Pathfinder SE Auto. The old speedometer in Km/H has quit working. Is there a way to remove the circuit board for the odometer and transfer it to the new guage cluster?
1993 Nissan Pathfinder idle races on start 5 to 6k rpm and does not drop. Any ieeas
This started recently. Will not stay opened when the button is pushed, either on the key or in the car. Yesterday wouldn't close except manually.
My plate lights are out and need to be replaced.
starter system acts like a stuck celinoid but its not.. there is a relay sticking somewhere, how do I find this stuck relay?
what main maintenance should I do for this amount of mileage?
Runs fine idleing but does not won't to accelerate sounds like it's chocking out
I changed the dash clock without disconnecting the battery first. When I clipped the wires going to the clock, I heard a "click" that seemed to come from under the string wheel. Now the clock works but ... when the car is off the power locks don't work, when I turn it on they do. Also, the clock does not keep the time in memory - it shows 1:00 when I start the car. In addition, when I start the car the A/C is off and when I turn it on, it works but the default temp setting is 75F, regardless of the last temp setting. It is almost as if all of those things are no longer receiving power from the battery, but rather the alternator only when the car is running.
when city driving it seams to pour black smoke if over 2000-2500rvs between gears. the exhaust gets a thick sooty build up in a very short time.Excelerating up hills or over taking it smokes excessively. it seems to lack power and was wondering if the turbo not working may be the cause as it dosent seem to get very warm at all.
My car is a 2005 Nissan pathfinder and I want to know if I can engage the transmission from park to neutral if the car battery is disconnected
This morning I drove my car around then went home. Tried to start it later and the battery was dead. I jumped it and it started, but as soon I disconnected the jumper cable, it died. I tried a couple more times...letting it charge for a while, but same thing. It won't start. Any ideas?
Got the part need to install
changed the following
Glow plugs
blocked off egr
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