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My front and rear struts need to be replaced. Trying to get an estimate.
garage is stating they have to change the transmission along with the engine as 1 assembly. for an engine internal damaged starting problem. never heard of them being 1 assembly.
I have replace all the sensors from codes I don't know what else it could be
Lots of codes P0725, P1722,P0746,P0826,P1701,P0550,P2A03
It's also make a little ticking noise if you goes 60 it was running fine no issues till now. Is there a transmission sensor that could cause this? HELP ME PLEASE
I usually put unleaded in my tank but that day u used premium unleaded n my low fuel light came on what do i need to do to solve this
my car started by stopping on the motion and now not even moving anymore
The engine stops on motion, what is the likely problems
One 02 sensor is out they say that ok ecm isnt ready they said drive is there a quick fix??? try to get tags no check engine light on
Had the canister purge solenoid replaced. Every code is up to par except the catalytic converter.
2012 Nissan maxima with 120,00 miles
Good buy or not
My dashboard lights are good but they don't light up.
All the lights went out but don't know where to look for the fuse to them
it sat four days at garage until mechanic could look at it the battery was dead so he jumped it an it started.he hooked it to computer and couldn't find no problems.he thinks it could be a bad started a few more times with get a new key made I got to drive car to dealership to get new key and programed. should there be a way to tell if the key is bad
I need a diagram on how to replace spark plugs.
When my car is off and the headlights are on there is no warning headlights chime. And if drivers side seatbelt is not on there is no chime and there should be
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