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The other day I got gas went home after about a hour I drive the car went 2 minutes down the road, the car wouldn't pick up speed then after I pulled over. Then car would star but not let me drive would that be bad gas or something else that the dealership didn't tell me

What tools to remove and replace it back? Do you know a trustworthy source online I could get the instructions to do it for my car?

My 2001 Nissan Maxima ran great until today got into car to take uncle the hospital when I shifted into drive it shift and normal pulling out of my driveway I noticed that it seems sluggish like it wasn't getting any power I was trying to roll the passenger side window up but it was very slow so I stopped at the stop sign put car into gear pulled the window then I tried to shift car back into drive it would not shift at all turned the car off then tried 2 crank it again the battery which is new was dead we jump the car . I pushed the lock button located next to the gear shifter and it shifted I immediately turned the car around to go home which is less than a quarter-mile away did not make it even 200 yards car started cutting out the gauges on the dash all stopped working and the car died again got another job and went the rest the way home turn the car off try to crank it again nothing the battery was dead again after jumping off again and noticed that the radiator fan was trying to come on but would not and battery died again has anyone had the same problem with a 2001 Nissan Maxima please help I need it to take my 69 year old Uncle who is very ill to the hospital tomorrow morning this has never happened before I've had the car for 2 months and it has been perfect almost like a new car except for one problem the brake lights stay on all the time even when you turn the ignition off so we pull the fuse out each time park the car then we're ready to leave with put the fuse back in because the car will not shift without the Fuse

My air compressor stopped working for the second time. Tested to see if it was getting power prior to buying a new compressor and it was. After installing the new compressor I found out that there wasn't any power going to the compressor.

what could be the cause of this besides a fuel cap that's not on tight enough?

It starts perfectly cold or warm but when I reach two-and-a-half RPM it starts to bog out or act like it's getting choked up... Also when in park or neutral as I said the RPMs fluctuate up and down I use 89 octane fuel and I also had just put in seafoam maybe I'm being impatient but it doesn't seem as if the seafoam work I am broke I have no money no code reader and my service engine soon light stays on does not Flash. ..... Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated

The bolts to my manifold has no head an locksmith cant get it out

Bought Battery Six Mo Ago. When Starting Only One Click. Stereo.. Electric Windows And Night Lights Work.

Thanks A Million

Someone sat in the rear seat and plopped down. Somehow the rear seat became disconnected and there is one quote for a total of over $900, $768 for the seat and the rest for finishing and taxes, etc.

Coolant leak on the pavement, appears to be on front right side (facing forward).

At last 2015 inspection, brakes notation:
F "4MM" and R"6MM"
Assume front more immediately important?
If no brake squealing/grinding is heard, no brake chatter, maybe I can avoid the extra cost for rotor resurfacing??

Who can fix it, how much, and where do I get it done at?

Checked all fuses. Figured problem was in switch that turns the dash lights on or light itself is burned out.

Gas and tachometer still work