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light staying on.
don't have no tail lights or no tag lights i have check al my fuses none or blown replace al the lights can somebody body help me i have been working on this car for to week now can't. Figure it out
i have check every thing all the lights bulb and fuses they or not blown can somebody help me i been working on this car for to week
My car has been driving good until today. My husband was on his way to take it to O'reillys to buy some stuff when the car stopped. He tried to crank it and it won't start. The lights in the inside wont light up either. We have no radio and ac anymore. This is really weird and we have no idea whats wrong with it. We tried recharging the battery but it had no effect. Some say it may be the alternator or we need a new battery. This problem is completely new to us.
Code read "crank shaft sensor"
smoke billowing from back firewall underneath. causes?
I was told that the black dust in my drivers seat is caused by the air filter for the blower to the seat is bad and needs replacement?
All fliud levels are good.It just started yesterday. It has a little vibration while idling.
why there is no murano in your filter for the car models?
I had a local mechanic change the first one, and that went bad after 3 months. So he then replaced the next two and used a better quality part and now that one is going bad after 3 months and he didnt charge me so he wasn't making money off of me. Would a bent wheel or spindle cause this issue? It's very frustrating that this keeps happening, please help!
Auto Trans, 141000 miles. New starter last year, new battery last year. Lately, most times but not all the time, I need to turn the key multiple times to engage the starter. There is power present to the accessories but not the starter. Could it be a battery terminal or is it likely to be some electrical switch in the trans selector or ignition switch?
my maxima clonks from 1st to second every other gear is fine
it does it after about the third lock of the day! The lock right before it is going to do it the honk is a little longer but not continus. I can lock the door with the door button with no problem. I have replaced the battery in the keyfob with no luck!
I have a '92 Nissan Maxima. It drove perfectly. No problems. This man checked my oil stick & told me that I had no oil in my car. He poured in 3 quarts of oil. Now when I start my car, it shakes & putts. When I accelerate it shakes & slowly struggles to move. When I'm doing a consistent speed on a highway I can also feel my car pulling. What is happening?! Did he put in too much oil?! This is only the 2nd day I've driven it since the oil was put in. Should I just ride it out for now with the possibility that it'll get better? Plz help!! :(
it has like a tw2032 now when I hit the lock key it flash my lights but will not honk the horn and at time unlock
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