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Lost the master key and remote to my 2000 Maxima. Ive been using the gray key with the blue chip in it for about 6 mos. Now all of a sudden it won't start. Sercurity light stays on when key is in the on position. It just turns over like its outta gas. What can I do to maybe bypass the system. Or any other ideas would be appreciated.
The button on the door sounds like it is working, and the valet switch in the glove box is on. I also cannot get the back seats down, and they are not locked
my trunk does not open. bcm relay is bad. how to open the trunck remote and door pnels do not work
When the winter came it snowed really bad. After that the passenger door hasn't opened. I don't know what to do to open it. Is there any way I can get the door open without messing the door up?
Circuits test good only diff between cmp1 and cmp2 is while running cmp 2 has a square wave that peaks at over 13v while one is just above 12 both circuits have the same voltage and ground. signal wire at bank 2 I cut and sensor still makes a 13 v square .. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated ty. also had/has p0726-p0550-p1564....Symptoms long crank . no shift mil.on.
I have replaced the Alternator. The Battery is good.
ill leave it locked and ill come back and find it with the windows down and unlocked
I was an idiot and broke my buddies 99 Maxima security key I really don't want to have to pay 180 bucks for another key and tow it to Nissan, he has a 98 Maxima is there any way to change a big mission system or to bypass the anti theft codes on his 99
Car is stuck on gear 5, the car is automatic.
I haven't noticed any problems.
The sound is coming from the driver side tire it a single CAM engine v6
The sound is coming from the driver side.
More than half the time I brake I hear this metal hit and "spring" (like the sound the metal spring that stops the door from hitting the wall makes when you flick it) then I hear what sound like a computer hum. Sometimes I hear the metal grind and I feel a shake in the pedals. What's odd is I had my brakes inspected by Sears... Just a minor check and they said my brakes were good. I paid 50 for nissan to check the noise and they said they didn't hear anything when they drove it.... I wouldn't want to spend money on brakes I don't need and to find out it's something else. Please help:)
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