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This truck just died on the freeway. Diagnosed as a timing chain problem. If the timing chain is bad does that mean the valves are also damaged? My husband read somewhere the Nissan trucks had trouble with piston clearance..the valves may be damaged. I'm just trying to help my college kids save some money and headache. Thanks in advance.
The relay itself is fine, the female part of the relay is burned out. I need to replace the bottom (female) part of the relay not the top. Please help. The closest I got to a part name is "connector "
First time. Truck started earlier in the day, but then wouldn't start 2 hours later
the engine codes are both sides of o2 sensors and cat converters
would it be sensor or computer i find no faulty wiring at all
Check engine light came on and the gas pedal is to the floor but wont accelerate
Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control
Garage replaced oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1, Code still kept coming up so I took it back and they cleaned mass air flow sensors. Code is still but not as much. Usually after driving out of town and back a couple times it will still pop up. What else could be the problem?
This occurs about 4 times a week. Pulling in garage, the 4wd came on, brake light on dash came on, the headlights flashed several times. The engine also seemed to what I called hiccup.
Strobe lights while the truck is running and idiling. As you give it gas the flickering stops and we have also took the positive side off the battery and the truck remains running....
I hot wired compressor to take couple cans freon but as soon as I take hot wire off, the compressor kicks off therefore it will not take any more freon. Someone said there is a switch behind the glove box that makes compressor stay kicked on to take more freon?
Truck sat for 4 days. Tried new battery, but no sound.
changed it but used a 6cly sensor
The seat belt light blinks on and off once the truck is cranked. How can I turn this light off ?
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